Thanksgiving Day is a HUGE game now

WPG is well on their way to beating EDM tonight. I hate to be negative, but I just don't think HAM will beat CGY in CGY tomorrow night. Therefore, after this weekend, WPG will be one game back of HAM for what could be the last playoff spot in the east. That makes the Thanksgiving Day game absolutely huge. If WPG beats HAM at home that day, then they'll be tied with HAM. When you look at the schedule for both these teams, it's hard to see where either of them will win another game. HAM could possibly beat TOR in TOR, however, they lost to them in OT earlier this year. Either way, it will make the last game of the year, HAM @ WPG, the deciding game on who gets into the playoffs. I don't like HAM's chances in winning that game on the road. Folks, if HAM doesn't win on Thanksgiving Day, then I'm afraid HAM will not make the playoffs.

you just dont think we will beat Calgary in Calgary ...... I do

As of tonight (not including the result):

Games Remaining: 6
Montreal 10-2 (20)
Hamilton 6-6 (12)
Winnipeg 4-8 (8)
Toronto 3-9 (6)

Sat Oct 03 @ Calgary 7:00
Mon Oct 12 Winnipeg 4:30
Sun Oct 18 @ Montreal 2:00
Fri Oct 23 Toronto 7:00
Sat Oct 31 Saskatchewan 2:00
Sun Nov 08 @ Winnipeg 1:00

Sat Oct 03 Montreal 1:00
Sat Oct 10 @ Saskatchewan 9:00
Fri Oct 16 Edmonton 7:30
Fri Oct 23 Hamilton 7:00
Fri Oct 30 @ Edmonton 9:00
Sat Nov 07 Montreal 1:00

Fri Oct 2 Edmonton 7:30
Mon Oct 12 @ Hamilton 4:30
Sun Oct 18 vs. B.C. 5:00
Sat Oct 24 Montreal 2:30
Sun Nov 1 @ Montreal 1:00
Sun Nov 8 Hamilton 1:00

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Winnipeg has us twice and Montreal twice. BC is not necessarily a gimme. if the Cats take care of their business, it will be fine. Split with Winnipeg, beat Toronto. Montreal will not roll over for a Bishop-run Winnipeg offense. I see three Bomber losses by that logic.

The Cats magic number is 4.5 for second (Cats wins + Bomber losses).

Oski Wee Wee,


It is important that the Ticats win on Thanksgiving. But I don't know about the Spies staying in 2nd place in the division if they win that day.

After Thanksgiving, the Spies play BC once, Montreal twice, and the Ticats twice. The Ticats and Spies face each other on the last game of their regular seasons, and that is a game that could be huge.

And after that game, we play the Als, blue team, Riders, then Bombers.

I'd like to see the Ticats win tomorrow so we won't have to worry as much about this.

huge game next week also because a cats win gets them the tiebreaker, which will be important at the end of the year. if the cats lose youre looking at prob the season finale in winnipeg as will get 2nd place and im guessing the last east spot up for grabs.

I agree with everything you just said.

Oddly enough... I was cheering for the Bombers last night. I knew it would be bad for them (Ticats) as far as standings go if the Bombers won, however, I don't want Hamilton to get a home-playoff game simply because they were slightly better than the worst teams in the league. This forces Hamilton to EARN their way into the playoffs.

This game will be a Must Win as The one in Toronto and back in the Peg.

also The peg is close killing the chance for a Crossover

BC  	13  	6  	7  	0  	12  	304  	359  	4 - 3 - 0  	2 - 4 - 0  	3 - 3 - 0
Winnipeg 	13 	5 	8 	0 	10 	256 	343 	3 - 3 - 0 	2 - 5 - 0 	2 - 4 - 0
8) Well, the Cats still at least still control their own destiny, at this point in time.
  However this race to secure second place is far from a gimmie, and far from over !!

  But, I think it will all boil down to those two games with Winnipeg to decide 2nd place.

..... shouldn't the TiCats and the fan base consider EVERY Game huge? Really???
I've never understood this type of comment (while true) every sports team I know of should also consider every game a do or die seeing as every game has implications....from the win column to the points column. If you don't look at every game that way, you usually see yourself missing playoffs year after ironic!


Although football with its short season lessens the effect, putting too much importance on any single game tends to drain teams emotionally. Playing every game as important but not critical seems like the best course in any sport

I don't disagree with you. However, you are dealing with humans who don't approach every game, nor every day, in the same way. Some days you go into work feeling really positive and productive, other days you 'take the day off', sort of speak. This is very difficult to avoid. The same can be said for sports teams and how they approach each game. If you approach every game as 'do or die', then it loses it's meaning and impact when it really is 'do or die'. You have to be careful about crying wolf. Players will tune you out as a coach if you tell them that every game is huge. I think you can stress that every game is important, but not 'do or die'. Then when you're facing a game that is really 'do or die', you can safely bring out the big motivational speech about how this game is the pinnacle of the season.

Again, think of your own work situation. Monday you are likely to get less done and be less motivated than on a Wednesday when you're more alert and feeling that much closer to the weekend. If you're Manager expected the same productivity on a Monday as a Wednesday then they are very unrealistic. Again, we are dealing with humans, not robots.


It's amazing what one poor game can do to the fans on this site, it's like the second coming of Chicken Little.

Other than the game against Montreal, this team has had a chance to win every week. In that game we lost to a better team that was motivated to win (thanks to the prognosticators who were picking us to win), because they had a point to prove, while we were probably over-confident after winning 5 straight at home, and beating the Grey Cup champs the previous week. That game was a real eye-opener for the players, and hopefully put everything back in perspective.

Please don't predict that this team will lose every game against all remaining teams other than Winnipeg or Toronto, or give me your crystal ball so I can buy a lottery ticket.

How about if the team focuses on tonights game and worry about Thanksgiving next week. Worring about next weeks game, or thinking about last weeks game is part of the reason we lost last week.

I still think the TiCats will be fine, regardless of what happens on Thanksgiving.


Um most of us predicted a road loss this week in a thread 3 weeks ago

Well.... we all wanted to play meaningful football... guess we got our wish eh?

Last year's Thanksgiving Day game was certainly not HUGE!

HUGE It my B day so I want a HUGE WIN AS MY GIFT see ya at the game :rockin:

....we'll be there..... :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Cats had better execute or they risk being shut out of the playoffs. The west is pretty even in terms of records. With the teams that Hamilton is lined up against for the remainder of the season I dont see too many victories. We risk being eliminated with the cross over