Thanksgiving Day Game

The visitors' depth chart is out, showing changes, from their last game, at both DEs, one DT, MLB, and LS. They've also added a second RB.

No real surprises for the Cats.
Banks is out, so Ungerer is a starter, with Jackson added as a 4th RB.
The OL is, as expected, with Van Zeyl back and Murray at LT.
On defence, with Williams out, Rolle moves across to his spot, with D. Lawrence covering the other corner.
I haven't, yet, seen the full depth chart, which will show who'll be the returner(s) with both Frankie and Speedy injured.

O.K. Now, there is a surprise -- Marcus Green is the returner on the chart, ahead of Ungerer, and is also a back-up SB.

Also, bobo82 noted, in the Injured Players' thread, three changes among D back-ups -- Cross & Wilson have, both, been put on the injured list and Autry & Schnitzler have been activated. Also Frey goes to the P.R. and Beverette is added.

Okafor and Mason Bennett, are the only ones, among the additions to the injured list, to have been put on the 6-game.

Hoyte did start last game at MLB for the Argo's, Cassar ended up being the backup.

So, they employ a simalar degree of transparency, with depth charts, as they do with
player and football ops staff salary caps, eh? :roll_eyes:


Lessons from last week (apparently), when we lost Frankie and MTL lost three O-linemen in the same game:

  • Do not dress any backups for DB other than the safety position
  • Only dress one back-up O-lineman
  • Dress three backups for 1 RB spot, and 4 backups for the 4 DL spots (presumably scratches to come from these groups)

Nine national starters including the FB and they released Posey? Why not start him at WR over Ungerer?

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Well. it'll, almost certainly, be only one scratch. It'll have to an American and, again almost certainly, one of these four players -- Don Jackson, Autry, Carney, Beverette. I have a gut feeling that Jackson will dress, although based just on looking at the depth chart, he's the most obvious one to be named the Reserve.

Americans backing up Canadians should be a red flag that there's funny business going on.

That move and the release of Tate early in the year were the two biggest head scratchers for me. Some have said Posey may have been a salary cap thing - if so, I’m waiting for the big signing, any big signing…

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Savings for 2022 are a top priority


I thought that originally, but IIRC Posey's contract was cap friendly. I still don't understand why they wouldn't let him suit up for at least 1 game.

As for Tate, they've certainly given Yarborough more consideration, so who knows what his deal was?

I don’t think you can count it as 9 Canadians, unless we play a 13-man offence.

The lack of backups at the DB situation is a concern. I suspect that MacBeth will try to exploit the side where Des Lawrence is covering.

I think they do that, because Adeleke can move to either defensive halfback or cornerback.

Yes but you only need 7

Right. And we have eight. I've never minded dressing one extra Cdn if you have the talent on your roster. Whether or not we have the talent is an open question, but another question is whether the American backups on our roster are any better.

I don't mind an Exta National but would Posey have been better than Ungerer

A quality import O-lineman would be nice. Or an experienced national kicker/punter (I'm looking at you Lirim)