Thanksgiving Day Game #2: Winnipeg vs. Hamilton!

Whoo game in progress Bishop just threw a great pass!

BIG GAME for both teams, let's GO BLUE!


Nice start.

Good start for the Bombers, come on TIcats wake up!

Put a little pressure on Bishop and he'll start completing them to the Black and Gold team.

Bombers decide to start QB Dr. Jekyll rather than Mr. Hyde starting what could be a QB controversy in Winnipeg!

There's plenty of time for the other guy to make an appearance :wink:

Greg Marshall MVP of the game so far with that nice catch on that overthrown ball

Yikes... Haven't watched much of the game so far, but judging from the comments, it doesn't sound good for the Cats. Come on, Hamilton! I don't wanna go 2-2 this week! :lol:

I concur with that, I need a ticat win to go 3-1 and stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. 7-0 Bombers but plenty of time to go and the Cats look like they are moving the ball now.

I also like Mike Renauds impersonation of Jamie Boreham on that punt running down and making a tackle, he took a bit hit himself though in the process.

And right as I type that the Porter fumbles for the Cats. It may just be me but from the games I've watched Glenn has run the TIcat offense much more efficient.

after 13 games in '09, i can say without a shadow of a doubt, Quinton Porter is not, AND NEVER WILL BE, starting QB matter how many times his coach gives him the start.
he is clueless.

Coach see's something I guess, same thing with Kelly and LeFors earlier in the season.

Well Porter fumbles again on his own 5 yard line and Winnipeg picks it up and scores. 14-0 Bombers and they've not had to work too hard for it.

case in point, fumbles again for a TD



Have to remind Porter it's only Thanksgiving, not Christmas.

Whooo, time for KG

i really felt like bishop was hired to be kelly's scape goat this year, much like he was in saskatchewan. But i think this could honeslty be the reset jumpstart for his career if kelly is willing to stick with him. winnipeg came to play today

Hmm, Hamilton really better pick it up, they’re slipping on that 2nd seed.

I don't know if you really jumpstart your career when you're 34 years old. He's consistently put a few good games together and then played awful for a few as well. He played on two very good teams on the Argo's and Riders and couldn't put it together so I'm not sure if he's going to do it on the current Bomber squad.

Just remember to thank him at the end of the game. :wink:

Wow. Rod Black just said Hamilton is putting in Kevin Glenn. Didn't take 'em long to make the switch...