Thanksgiving Day Game #1: Calgary vs. Montréal

1st quarter
7-0, Alouettes - 3 yard TD Pass: Calvillo to Richardson

WTF is going on with Burris??? He has looked like carp the last few weeks.

...indeed, HB not playing very well at all....Montreal off to a good start but Calgary's D is beginning to wake up...

...very nice move on the TD by Richardson, textbook...

Richardson is on fire. Third TD.

...yikes, time to double cover...TD #3 for Richardson...

Could be a long day for Calgary if this keeps up.

Well if Montreal does trip up Calgary today and the chances are they will; next week is showdown time at McMahon with the Green and White in town. Both will be 8-6 going in and if B.C. wins at Winnipeg (Mike Kelly won’t let that happen will he now?) the loser will be tied with B.C. at 8-7.

I laughed when the Aloutte went and celebrated Richarson's second TD with him. :lol:

Where's Copeland? I tuned in a little late today, and I haven't seen him at all. It's been all Richardson and Lewis... Not looking like he's going to take back first in receiving. suitor, they are not calling a horsecollar tackle 'everytime'...ask rambo for clarification nimwit...

That rule came in beacuse of whe our reciever Simmons had his knees blow out back to back years right? I can't remember for sure.

whittiker WAS down before crossing the goalline. i slow-mo'ed it and paused, and his knee is down and the ball is clearly half a yard before the goalline....

....why is it so hard for them to slow-mo, then pause at TSN?
if I can do it at home on my PVR, im sure they can do it!

Why the challenge? I mean ok so the TD doesn't count but they're still first down on the 1 yard line. All that did was waste a challenge.

Decent game, Als are good.

...the Als are playing very good.....the other team, um, not so good...

...congrats Als, very efficient win...sort of like this thread...over and done with in short order...

Yikes... Glad I didn't bother watching the second half of this game... I think maybe the Stamps were upset that they had to travel to Montreal and miss Thanksgiving dinner. I know I'd be off my game if I didn't get my heaping serving of mashed potatoes. :smiley:

Thanks to Montreal, we're now 2 points out of first. Good to see Calgary falling apart at the end of the season. :smiley:

well, im wondering now if KJ would look better in red and white. Burris is really not good at all lately.

Burris seams to have a sixth sense in avoiding tackles. He could have been sacked 4 or 5 more times easily. He should probably run the ball more like he did in last Grey cup.