Thanksgiving Classic


The only thing classic about the Stamps-Riders game was CBC losing its live feed and no commentary for the first quarter. Maybe all games should be like that as it seemed better!!!!!

Riders Rule Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Anything to shut Walby up....

Where is your trademark,

"Riders rule,
Stamps drool"?

And what is the update on the parade route?

maybe it could start in Calgary? enough Rider fans there
seriously, just another win. nothing to get too excited about

The perfect road game, run the ball well, don't lose the turnover battle, and come out with the most important statistic, the 'W'.

It's just a shame I got my signature backwards! Who knew Calgary would get the runback for the TD, but at least I predicted one :wink:

I'm reasonably happy with today's performance.
I think we will need to play better than that to sweep Hamilton, however.

And I think the Calgary chapter is planning their own parade.
Maybe we can combine them....?

You do not gloat(unless you are one of those arrogant BC Lions fans- not all Leos fans are arrogant!) unless the opposition has all their tools. Calgary was not playing with a full deck therefore NO GLOATING.
Riders won did not beat a team at their best.
Hope Burris gets healed fast Calgary fans so we can beat you fair and square and then be able to gloat!!! Calgary hung in there - congrats to them for that.

Rider Pride Nation Wide

Nicely put!