Thanksgiving: Another point of view

I wanted to comment on the autograph session but it is locked. I have a different point of view. My son, my father in law and I went to the game yesterday. As a Ticat fan the game was terrible.

Still my son wanted to go get a few autographs particularly Adam Tafralis ( no I am not starting the bring in Adam thread, though I sure hope he stays around and eventually gets his opportunity)

The first guy we came up to was Dave Stalla, whom you could tell was angry and upset, in fact he apologized for swearing in front of my son and then gave my son an autograph. I hope he stays around as well.

We got to Adam and he took the time to chat with my son which made his day. He was just great to him, pure class. The same for Terry Caulley, Dylan Barker and Marwan Hage. I really do think these guys get how much the Tiger-Cats means to us fans.

I also think that they play a game, sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. In our case the loosing has gone on to long and they and we know that. However, Obie knows more about football then every fan on this site combined times 1000. Marcel has made and makes a living coaching football and unless I am wrong no one on this forum can say that. The reality is that the game is played by human beings and not on paper so things happen.Do they get paid to produce, sure they do and I could tell it was killing them. However, for anyone to suggest that they either don't care or didn't try yesterday is just plain silly.

And as far as my son is concerned, though he and I cannot stand to see the Cats loose he still went away with a huge smile on his face because a few guys who were probably steaming inside, still took the time to make him feel important. Sure I know it was a promotion but so what they treated my son and I great and when I talk to him about being respectful even when it`s tough I have a perfect illustration to use thanks to a bunch of guys who showed it to him.

By the way, I am still planning on going to the Eastern Semi-final at Ivor Wynne. Yup, I still believe this team will host a playoff game. Hamillton will win two possibly three of the last four. Sorry Winnipeg, you may not even win one game. Lets remember we are tied for a playoff spot not out of the playoffs.Its now a four game season. I would have taken that scenario at the beginning of the year.

And just to say it before anyone else does I think we might win against Montreal (yes I am serious)Sunday and Winnipeg looses against B.C. we will be up two points heading to Toronto and Winnipeg then plays Montreal. A week from Saturday we could have our playoff position. It could be fun in about 11 days.

Thanks Ticats for showing my son how to loose with class. I am also ready however to let him see what it`s like to win with class as well.

A thankful Dad

Good post buddy… I bought my playoff tickets today…

Oskee Wee Wee - Good to see the players were good to everyone. I’ve met Stala a few times now and he’s a good guy…

Nice Post! :thup:

Thanks for taking the time to post that. It always amazes me how these guys can still take the time to paste a "smile" on their faces and make nicey nice with some of the same fans who are booing them after a terrible game like that one.

My bf and I didn't stick around because it was cold and I was tired, but my nephews and their buddies did and the guys were great to them. He mentioned Porter, Johnson and Knowlton to name a few. It can't be easy for them since they must be frustrated and pissed off, but from what I heard they were all very gracious to the fans.

Excellent post Rev Clark! Your comments on Obie & Marcel are 100% correct. They know their players and they know the game of football. All these negative comments about OUR TEAM make me sick.
The same people call for the TiCats to get rid of Quinton Portet are the same ones that ran Anthony Calvillo out of town after 1997. How good is he now?
Keep Porter and develop him in the same manner that Montreal developed AC.
From your comments the TiCat players showed a lot of class as they always do.
Too bad some of the people that post on this site do not show class and constantly critisize the team.

And, Thanks to you Rev for patting the autographers on the back and for your optimism. Hope you're right on your thoughts about the next two weeks, but even if the Cats win their next two and the Bombers lose theirs a playoff spot would still not be guaranteed, unless Edmonton also loses their next two games.

Second place in the East makes the playoffs regardless correct?


The third-place team in the East can only be eliminated if the crossover candidate has more points in the standings -- a tie is not enough.

Great post Rev..It is nice to see that there are good people in the stands and on the field. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

It is great to see a positive post. Thanks.