I just wanted to drop a line and thank so many of you who have said so many nice things about me on this site.

I'm back on the air starting Saturday morning at TSN 1050, the new all-sports station in the city where the blue team lives. LOL

Ockham, if we meet at a game this year the first couple of rounds are on me, you've been over the top with your kind words, thanks so much.

We'll have football content on the show, even though the NHL playoffs are obviously the big story at this time.

Chris Schultz will be on at 11:15 and former Ticat and current free agent Adriano Belli will join us at 1:30. I promise to ask him why he decided against going back for another season in black and gold...or if theres any chance hed still go back if there was an offer to do so.

Again, thanks so much. It`s nice to be back.


Please let us know when you're back on during weekdays. It's just a matter of time, I'm sure.

Good things happen to good people. Good luck with the new assignment Mike. Looking forward to listening in !

Hard to get the signal here in Cambridge but I'll be listening through the static.

If I can listen in Kingston, you can listen in Cambridge: :wink:

Umm.... don't have streaming audio in my back yard while I'm mowing or gardening (Hopeful.... ain't I?)... but technically, yes, I could sit inside all day and listen to Mike. :slight_smile:

Mike, thank you for being such a strong supporter of our league. I'll take you up on that offer one of these days.

The original Football Fridays was the best radio program on the sport. ESPN lets you know which lineman can eat the entire buffet, but you and Schultzie explained why he was better on run plays. I appreciate informative programming, not some aggitator pushing my buttons or instigating sporting polemics.

You need a Twitter account.


p.s. Mark is right. The 1050 signal is weak in the KW area.

Welcome back Mike you've been missed. I tuned out from the Fan590 shortly after you left and have already started with TSN radio earlier this week when it came on the air.

I'm happy that you're back.

Congrats Mike, look forward to your new show.

I guess I spend too much time at my computer :oops:

Just listened to TSN Radio for the first time, hope it all goes well!

I spoke too soon: @tsnmike

Correction: @tsnmikehogan

Thanks for being such a strong supporter of the CFL MIke. :thup:
Good luck with TSN Radio!

Mike your class guy even if Your with the blue team

See at Games This years