I haven't posted here in a while, but have been lurking and enjoying much of the Ticat chat.

I just wanted to thank you folks for the very kind words posted here after the decision was made to go in another direction at the Fan. I enjoyed working there and am happy I'm still involved with "The Blue Team's" radio coverage.

I've enjoyed getting to know some of you either at a game or pre/post-game gathering either in Hamilton or Toronto. The highlight of the '07 Grey Cup to me was seeing Frankie Venom one last time! Thank you for that football fellowship.

If you see me please stop and say hi, many of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting.

Thanks again and here's to an Argo/Ticat Eastern Final.


Mike Hogan

your welcome mike, really miss listening to you in the morning. still don’t know what the fan is up to, good luck in your future endeavours. about an argo/ticat grey cup game instead.

Don't be stranger here, and keep us posted as to what you're up to, especailly anything foobtall related.

Good luck!

Mike your a National Treasure and One Canada best at what you do

Good luck with your next project Mike, honestly, the Fan's morning show has gone to feces, I no longer listen to it...

Mike, as much as I enjoyed your show ,the musical intro is what I'm going to miss the most. :wink:
Tramps like us....keep Rock'n

Nice to hear from you Mike.
I loved listening to your shows, you always had a ton of cfl content.


Thank-you for your post, great to hear that you are a true "FAN" and appreciate you speaking with us via the forum.

I have lost a lot of respect for the FAN and Don Kollins, and have turned it off in recent weeks. I enjoyed your comments and insights not only on the CFL, but on all sports.

I wish you the best of luck, and thank-you for taking the high road.

I think you will end up back there (again) Mike.

You have more sports knowledge in your pinky than anyone else on the airwaves, save for maybe Brunt.

You are missed already.

Good luck in whatever it is you end up doing.

i know the FAN went about this all wrong and you should still be there. you will land on your feet. :smiley:

do you have time, when the argos are in town, do share a beer with some ti-cat fans? we promise we won't bite.

If you are ever able to drop by our tailgate, there'll be a cold one, or a bite for you, Hogey.

Hi Mike

I can honestly say that I haven't listened to the FAN since.

I have no interest in it anymore.

Hopefully you'll catch on with another station close by.

All the best!!!

CHML could use someone in the 12-2 spot.

Mike - Its always BOSSSS time!!


A sincere thanks from a "football fan" to you for always supporting the CFL and Canadian University Ball with balance and often in todays media the grass roots is forgotten about...your a class act

Mike, I was shocked when the news of this move broke. A new manager in business is often like sports - they want their own staff to go with their new direction. While they are obviously seeking new listeners it could come at an overall loss especially their base. I liked Andrew Krystal while he was at MoJo but cannot see what he'll bring sports-wise. This causes me to suspect the FAN is moving to a more American style, 'in your face' programming. He may have been a better choice for the morning show, afterall, Derringer and Landry didn't know much about sports either.

Please let us know where you'll be next.

Thanks for posting Mike. I miss a lot of aspects of your show and I have not listened to the FAN in the mornings since. Heck, I was upset back when they decided to cut Football Friday’s down from 2 hours to just 1 hour. And now removing you? BIG mistake in this fan’s eyes.

Best of luck to you.


I've mentioned to you before that I think that you are (were) the best host on the station. Intelligent and thoughtful. Perhaps your problem was that you didn't have a schtick (you're close enough to show business to know what I mean).

Sounds like they want instantly identifiable "types". Bob does it well and Chuck certainly had his own thing going. Jack does too so it will be interesting to see if he just skews the demographic too old for the new management.

I preferred your take on things. I've never met you. I'm SURE that we would disagree on a lot of things sports AND life related (hey... I KNOW this... I've heard you root for the Blue team). However, I've always felt like we could have a conversation and part amicably having learned something from each other even if we did disagree.. That's what I've looked for in an on-air host.

I sure hope that you have the chance to bring that persona to the air again somewhere. If not, all the best in your future endeavors.

The FAN590's decision to dismiss you from the 9-12 slot reminded me of the Leaf's decision to not sign Gretzky when they had the chance, saying they were going in a different direction. That 'direction' was to not make the playoffs the following season. The station is not as good without you. Whatever disappointment and frustration you're feeling hasn't been noticeable on the Argo broadcasts. You're a real pro.

Like others have stated, except for the Argo games (when I turn off the tv's sound for you and Pete) I haven't listened to the station since. Ironically, I'm tuned into Hamilton's 1150 these days. :slight_smile:

Stay well.
An Argo-Cat fan

I've always enjoyed your insight into the CFL and football in general Mike. I've learned a ton listening to you and will definately miss you on the Fan 590.

Every change the FAN has made so far has made that station weaker. All I've seen so far is them getting rid of their top line players and filling the positions with minor leaguers! I know the ratings will be the true test whether the station is going in the right direction or not, but I'm betting the listenership is gonna go down.

Anyhoo, there's more money in TV anyways so update your resume! lol