Thanks Zach.

The last half of 2014 and the First half of 2015 was some of the best football I have ever witnessed. The 2014 Cup should have been ours.
Thanks for your time and good luck in the West!

2015 was my first year as a STH after going to bunch of games in 2014. Zach lighting it up was what hooked me into being a Ticats fan. I hope he does well wherever he goes. Seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Zach Collaros is a class act all the way. It's tough to see a franchise quarterback leaving the team this way but the situation, as it were, left the Ticats with basically no other choice since Collaros was never going to re-negotiate his contract. All the best to Zach out in Saskatchewan but it wouldn't surprise me if Jones traded him back to the East at some point.

Thank you, Zach, for some fun exciting football. Loved watching you play.

Sad to hear that you're leaving us.

Best wishes on your sports career going forward.

You were a great Tiger cat.

Agree, Zach has been a class act and handled the unfortunate situation like the pro he is. Sorry to see him go but under the circumstances...

Now what do I do with my Collaros-autographed napkin obtained early last year during one of his visits to a popular sushi restaurant in downtown Hamilton? :-[ :slight_smile:

I can see you (Zach) in the 2018 G.C. but you won't be playing against us
Sad to see you go.

Well as I see it you have two options here . You can either frame it and hang it on your wall or you can wipe your mouth with it ;D.

Anyways Thanks Zach for 2 fun filled if all bight shortened seasons here (14,15) . Unfortunately things didn't work out and you couldn't follow it up with an encore performance in your last two seasons here :cry:
BUT as the saying goes "things happen for a reason" Good luck to ya out there on the Prairie (except when you play us of course :))BUT you have my permission to beat up on the other three Eastern teams every-time you play them next season . ;D

Tough business. As it now stands, the West division is stronger, the East weaker just because of this trade. In a month this might be different, but right now...

8)Hey, an autographed napkin didn't cost you anything at all !! You are lucky.

Just imagine the poor fans that have personalized Collaros 4 jerseys ??

Like I have been saying for years, don't bother getting a personalized jersey, unless you get an
old former star, like Henley, Krouse, Winfield, Barrow, etc. Those names will endure for ever !!!

x2. I already regret this trade.

Unlike the Big Bang Theory when Penny gave Sheldon a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy with his saliva/DNA on it as a Christmas present, I don’t have Zach’s “DNA? (or an available ovum), so I can’t clone him :)to the chagrin or some and the delight of others.

All he wanted to do was win, nothing else matters. I love players like that. When he was healthy he was the model QB.

I echo the sentiments, Zac will be missed, and I expect, make the Ti-cats regret this.
Best of luck, and thank you Zac!

Loved Zach, understand the trade.
$540K in cap room and the 10th pick is more valuable than the player. Tough business but once ZC declared that he would not negotiate his deal Zach's fate was sealed here in Hamilton.

I like Zach, but this was the right move.

I agree. Good luck Zach. You are a class guy.

New Riders QB Zach Collaros: ‘It’s a tremendous opportunity for me’

Quarterback Zach Collaros has been traded from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to the Sakatchewan Roughriders for the 10th overall pick in the 2018 CFL Draft. We spoke to Collaros from Mexico where he is on vacation.

Drew Edwards: What was your first reaction to the trade?

Zach Collaros: “I’m very excited. The first thing you think about in Saskatchewan is their fan base. They really love the Riders and I’m looking forward to playing in front of those fans. I’m leaving a great fan base but I don’t think there’s a better place for me to go to.”

DE: Are you disappointed on how things worked out in Hamilton?

ZC: “When I signed the contract extension, that’s where I wanted to be – it was the place where I wanted to finish my career. The last year, things didn’t work out the way anyone wanted them to. Things happen for a reason and have a way of working themselves out. Am I disappointed in how it ended? Obviously, I’m not going to win a Grey Cup in Hamilton.

“But the relationships I’ve made in that building and with those teammates, people who work behind scenes, I’ll always cherish those.”

DE: But you’re happy about the trade.

ZC: “It’s change, it’s a new opportunity. I don’t think I could be going to a better place from a fan standpoint, from an organizational standpoint, with the players they have. It’s a tremendous opportunity for me.”

DE: Are you excited about being re-united with Peter Dyakowski?

ZC: “I am. It was the first thing I thought of. I’ve missed those educational sessions in the locker room. Not being able to learn about various obscure elements of world history was tough.”

Good luck Zach.

Zach, thanks for the exciting memories you gave us TC fans - all the best to you!!