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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers can feel better today about the fact that CFL officials blew another call that affected the outcome of the Friday's game against the Montreal Alouettes.

CFL director of officiating Tom Higgins told Bomber head coach Paul LaPolice on Saturday morning that the fumble by Montreal receiver Jamel Richardson that was ruled an incomplete pass — after an officials' review — was indeed a fumble.

"I spoke to Tom Higgins this morning and I can kind of clarify what would have been their ruling," LaPolice said Saturday. "If the officials rule that it's an incomplete pass, you can't challenge whether or not the ball was fumbled after that. So, the only thing that's reviewable is whether it's a catch or no-catch.

"When they went under and looked at that, all they could say was whether it was a catch or no-catch. The problem is, on the field, they ruled it an incomplete pass. It should have ruled it completed, OK? Then, err on the side of completion because, then you can challenge that and be reversed. And that's a flaw in the system that Tom said is not good.

"He said it's clearly fumble and we're going to look at trying to address it and try to fix it … He (apologized), well, he said there was no reviewable aspect to it. It was a fumble but obviously, the whistle blew too quick. So, that's frustrating."

Two plays later, Montreal quarterback Anthony Calvillo completed a 48-yard touchdown pass to receiver Brian Bratton that gave the Alouettes a 41-40 lead with 1:18 left, and won the match 44-40.

Despite the fact that both the on-field and off-field officials blew the call, the result will not be changed and the Bombers record will remain 3-9.

It was the second time this season that the Bombers were involved in a blown call that affected the outcome of their game. Earlier this season, Hamilton quarterback Kevin Glenn fumbled the ball away, but it was ruled a non-fumble after a review because of a quick whistle. Higgins apologized to the Bombers after that one, too.

Interesting update. I'd hope that the league does away with this portion of the rule and allows the officials to review every aspect of a challenged play. To me, the Richardson play was a clear fumble; it's not right that the Bombers paid the price for such a weird rigid challenge structure.

Yup, the only option the officials had at that point was to call it a catch, which would have been Montreal ball, that would have started a riot.

What about the phanton interference calls against us and the obvious missed offside on MTL'S "winning" TD pass? Refs have been costing ALL teams games all seaso and that needs to be addressed!!

If one of the phantom PI calls you are referring to is the penalty on Kent the play before the fumble it was 1) not called PI, it was for illegal contract on a receiver and 2) Suitor showed the replay and there was contact at the point the Als receiver made his cut.

We were royally screwed on the fumble play though.

"Sorry" just doesn't cut it in my books. Why review it all if you know it can only be catch or no-catch. They were grasping for straws on this one. Just go with the refs field call. We lived with that for many years. They're just saving their "SORRY" asses. got it Dan.....and this is the second time.....remember the Glenn fumble that was clearly missed and they had to offer an apology for that as well....I guess they'll keep apologizing...right up to the time our guys are in the dressing room packing up our garbage bags and heading back home cuz the season is done....what a load :thdn: :twisted:

judging by the Rider game, they're now allowing the entire play to be challenged.. which is the right thing to do for sure..

it's good that the league will admit their mistake, but the damage has been done.. that's twice this year and the Bombers are fighting for their playoff lives at this point.. it was a stupid rule all along and if they end up missing the playoffs by a game i don't think sorry will do it for most Bomber fans.

That’s brutal you guys.
played a helluva 3 quarters and well enough to win overall. discouraging.
but you’ve found your QB, got an O-line and a D-line. running game, maybe a stud receiver, respected front office, good attendance it seems. None of this was in place 12 mos ago. Lapolice needs to settle down and quit trying to be a genius when there is no need. No idea why he was trying that option. Quite ridiculous. But still think he’s your guy.
I’m hoping that you get the playoff game.