Thanks to the Players - Autograph Session

I just wanted to say thanks to all the players for being so friendly and accommodating after a tough game. We enjoyed chatting with everyone and really appreciated that all the players were wearing jerseys so we could know who was who.

totally agree. The guys had a tough one and still showed class. My grandson was mesmerized and couldn't wait to show his autographs to his younger sister. He's 6 and it took a lot for him to line up and hold up his program for an autograph or two or 29, actually. thanks again, guys (AND THEIR FAMILIES WAITING FOR MANY OF THEM)

I also agree with the above statements. The players were very accomodating and friendly and I wish them all the best next week in Saskatchewan :thup:

I had 11 at the game tonight and while I was disapointed with the game and the outcome...I was VERY IMPRESSED with the players who took their time and stayed and chatted with the fans.

My two young nephews and my grandson along with friends of my wife who had never been to a game HAD A GREAT TIME and the visit on the field after the game was THEIR HIGH POINT!

I even spent a few minutes chatting with Wayne Smith...Damn I wish he was still wearing Black and Gold but hey, he's got a better shot at a Grey Cup ring playing in Regina this year! :wink:

Let's get the on-field product fixed (biggest need is coaching)and we will be GC bound in 2008! Ivor Wynne is still the best football stadium in the world and the game day experience is second to non. :thup: Things will straighten out and we will be the envy of the league! I'm keeping my "season's". I want to be there when they "Bring home the Cup"! :rockin:

was it advertized that we would be able to go and see the cats after the game because i had no clue about this untill the 4th quater

Yup. It was advertised on this site and in other locations.

wow im on this site every day and never saw it, but thats my fault lol. did everyone come back out for you guys or just a few?

If it wasn't everybody it was a heck of a lot of them. There was a pretty big crowd, so it was hard to say, but I will say that every player I went looking for was out there.. even the guys on injured reserve.

I have to agree. We couldn't say enough about how gracious the players were. Even the injured players like Lumsden and Garndner were there. It shows how much character these guys have to not only go out there week after week, but to come out after a game like that and smile and joke with the fans. Dwight Anderson was one of the guys that I have to give credit to. After being very frustrated and angry during the game, he was still out there and managed to crack a few jokes. One observation I have to make is that Keith is a beast. Holy crap is he huge.

Good on the players and the organization for putting this thing together!
Obviously a big hit and a bright spot on an otherwise disappointing day.

Ya Thanks to all the guys
We have the best looking team in the CFL :rockin:
If i do say so myself :thup:
And i'm not the only one :smiley:

Got pics with my most favs of favs

Love you Guys