Thanks to the mods

In the thread that has been removed, jkm made a good post and in it he asked that the mods take immediate action.

It appears that they did take the appropriate action, and for that I say thank you.

not from where I'm sitting!!!

Ce forum doit laisser place à ceux qui respectent ses règles. La profondeur de leurs propos sera la mesure du respect qu'ils inspireront.

respect(?)!! lestaff let's not go there!!!

J'ai jamais vu quelqu'un si determine a enmerder le peuple comme ca ! Jamais :lol: Je commence meme a en avoir pitie... :?

Notre "ami" Als rule" est de retour. J'ai eu un ban de 2 semaines (qui finissait aujourd'hui) parce que je me chicanais avec lui. Compte tenu qu'il n'a pas écrit pendant 2 semaines, et qu'il est de retour aujourd'hui, il semble que lui aussi a reçu un ban...

J'ai suivi le forum tout ce temps, et aujourd'hui. Je trouve ça hallucinant qu'il faisait un "post" à la minute sur tout! Il a carrement bombardé ce site!

Je vais tenter de ne pas me "poigner" avec lui, car tout le monde en souffre. Mais ce gars ne vas pas se calmer. je le sais, je l'ai vu terroriser d'autres sites...

J'offre mes excuses aux membres du site qui ont été incommodés par notre chicane. Je peux me logger sur ce site aujourd'hui pour la première fois en 2 semaines. C'est pour cela que mes excuses sont tardifs.

Apology accepted, Gabe. Don't engage with him and we'll all be better off. :wink:

THanks! I'll try. And by the way, I am not Gabe! Gabe, also known as "The Real Gabe" is the true Gabe.He is the guy who challenged Als rule to meet him in person at the 2009 Eastern final.

I am some other guy, who has been arguing with Als rule from lake Placid from the same time period. Als rule decided we were the same person, and always calls me Gabe. The ONLY reason I say this, is that Gabe should not get the blame for my actions.

There is the real Gabe, and me. I purposely took on the name of Gaberino just to anger Als rule, because he keeps calling me Gabe anyway. Sorry Gabe, you get blamed... It was never my intent to get you in trouble.

Enough soap opera! Sorry again.

No need Gabe. I've seen the harassment on Herb's blog. I saw the index tonight with his 30 posts but he's on my ignore list. If everyone does that, he will go away eventualy. Or he will push the wrong button and be banned for good. Like D writes, don't engage with him.

And in addition, everyone, please, quit quoting him. . . it defeats the purpose of the foe list.

ok mad jack who appears to be the leader opposed to me being allowed on the site/HFxTc accusing me of harassment! "ENMERDER"(?) "pity"(?)/gabe "terrorize" & "chicanery" what can be said or why even bother? "CARREMENT"(?) "soap opera"(?)/disciplineandpunish a funny handle!! another poster opposed to me! now that you have all had your 15 minutes of fame and kumbyiah and blame me for the world spinning off it's path!! I still intend to continue posting on this site until my freedom of speech is revoked!! SO HAVE A NICE DAY!!

De qui parlez-vous, là? :wink:

Mad Jack you still up to moderate the Als forum ? It kind of took a background during the two weeks of peace :slight_smile:

HFxTC EXCUSE ME!! your point being what?

Who is this Als rule dude? Is he the slow witted geezeer from Lake Placid?

My 2 cents,

who is "hidding" behing this handle or that handle...I dont give a crap....

Admin of board should have access to IP address of the posters & link them to accounts...

If an "abuser" keeps getting in, they're multiples ways to block them.

Too bad the Montreal Alouettes administrator is not active.....

Personally seeing Fans turning on Fans because they don't have the same opinion, reminds me of my kid at daycare when they "fight" for a toy....

Well I for one want to thanks these mods for giving me a second chance after getting banned permanently from Deservedly so I might add. :thup: I really enjoyed myself and I was able to prove that I could be civilized when people treated me well. :slight_smile:

This is post number 234 and therefore my last. I can't seem to bring the als anymore luck with my posting so I'll just stop here. Thanks to tony, idealsheldon, senior ah me, madjack,jkm,discipline and punish, richard veilleux, mike and the rest. It's down to crunch time now and I need to focus on myself for the weeks ahead. 8)

And to XGamer don't forget that I'm the world's stupidest man past-present-future. I think I made that pretty clear in my final post in your forum. You take things a little too seriously in my opinion. Thanks for not harassing me here. See you at Grey Cup maybe, with my dad though (yes I Am still a kid in many ways). I don't know if I didn't see you in the fan train to hamilton in car 4. If it's not you there seemed to be a resemblance. Either way my posting days are done and you can do what you want from here on in. I won't forget that we did have a good time at Cunningham's July 9th. We'll just leave it at that.

As for 'fans turning on fans' well that's what unfortunately happens when there aren't a lot of them, especially in these forums. I took a course on Transactional analysis to help me avoid conflicts. It's a lotta work but I'll get there. You won't see me blowing up in any forum ever again.

Go Alouettes. Dan Marino definitely said it best. Bye bye. :wink: