Thanks To The Girl in Box B

She was the blond one in the pink who made me forget for a few minutes that: I spent way more for my season tickets this year, took 2 hours off work to make it on time, spent over $100 and saw a truly horrible game.
I hope she comes to all the games this year. :smiley:

...Men :roll:

I know exactly who you're talking about and I agree :slight_smile:

Good to see you have your priorities in order.

On a side note, I'd like to thank the 3 young punks in front of me who were the tough guys trying to start a fight by bugging a Montreal fan who was easily twice their age. They made the night even more enjoyable. Idiots.

Could you be more specific as to her location in Box B please? Row? Seat? Thanks.

I’ve always wanted to be a B student…

HAHA. I also saw her from where I was sitting.

the funniest part was the 2 drunken cats fans following an allouette fan down the street screaming montreal sucks in his ear after the game (or when I left which was half through the 4th) and even the ticats fans watching with the comments like ‘then what does that make us’.

Where?? :wink:

Got my mirror shades all ready for next game!!

You all realize how creepy you sound right about now, don't you??

well........when I change my name to girlinpink-boy then ive got a problem.

Some say "creepy". Others of us say "inquisitive".

Candace-boy it is then....

Lets all congratulate candace on a wonderfull job in her first regular season game, well done candace from all of us!!!1

I agree 100%

I wonder if she can block. :smiley: