Thanks to the fans in Sec. 22 and 21

An impressive display by the crowd in our section. It was sustained energy over the whole game and ramping up when we needed it. Amazingly, it might have been louder than last year. In a day of near-complete disappointment, I give much kudos to the fans who made it an incredible atmosphere yesterday. Where we were, the stadium was shaking with the guys pounding on the back wall. It was like thunder. There must be a lot of sore throats today. (And, always, much props to my usual home in the Endzone.)

I just shake my head in disbelief that the team couldn't feed off of it more. Our defence was great until we really needed it. Our offence was terrible, then turned it on when we needed it. Then sputtered when we really needed it.

But, the fans seemed to be there at every calling. That equation starts to get rather exhausting.

Can't add too much to what you said...From our seats in 21 i thought it was great...