Thanks to the CFL & Mark Cohon.....

for responding to my letter & enclosures from the Wall Street Journal published the day after the Super Bowl.I enclosed their article about the only fan at Super Bowl wearing a Green Riders jersey!Very surprised & much appreciated from a CFLfan who is native US! :thup:

That's the CFL all over. :thup: Very approachable.

Years ago I wrote to the league because I thought they made a mistake in the draft order (turned out TSN had reported a trade incorrectly). I got a phone call at home from someone with the league (wish I could remember his name) because they wanted to work it out and make sure everything was clear. I was totally floored afterwards.

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LOL, from the article -

Corrections and Amplifications

Calgary is in the Canadian province of Alberta. An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that it was in Ontario.

Seriously, how hard is that to fact check?