Thanks to the anti-NFL crowd

Thanks so much for helping me out. Some great responses.

I'd like to direct some follow-up questions at the following users


If any of you four could send me your email contact information at, that would be terrific.

Still willing to hear from anyone else who would like to express why they are steadfastly loyal to the CFL but won't watch NFL games.

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What about me? Not feeling the love dnaylor not feeling the love. lol

Well, since I also watch the NFl, I did not respond, but I steadfast say only CFL in CAnada. If that be worth anything.

CFL better game
NFl better organization and overall quality of players.

CFL more usually more fun, but not always.

However, more important than entertainment value is loyalty, canadian pride, patriotism, etc.

Keep Canada CFL. Down with NFL in Canada. Down with Godfrey.

^^What he said. lol

I will add, though, that this "us vs. them" thing has to end...can people not just appreciate the game for the game?

Well Mr. Naylor.
Why not email a one Poida Smith, who has all kinds of opinions on the CFL?
YOu must have read his posts in the comment section of your paper under CFL articles.
You won't find a bigger anti-CFL zealot then that moron.

Are these comments being solicited for an article in the Globe and Mail?

If so I think this is going to be an ugly article and it's going to make the CFL and CFL fans look really bad.

We don't have to be anti-NFL to be pro CFL. I don't watch the NFL, but I don't think we should bash it either.

re-Are these comments being solicited for an article in the Globe and Mail?

If so I think this is going to be an ugly article and it's going to make the CFL and CFL fans look really bad------------- --- As if thats a new thing?

His own newspaper did a recent poll, showing 35% of the respondents saying they don't want an NFL team in Toronto. So the NFL will have only 65% of the market to work with, with more than 1/3 of the people fighting against you. Not a great foundation for a billion-dollar NFL team, especially considering Toronto's lukewarm support for football. The NFL will have no such opposition if they decide to put a team in San Antonio, LA, Birmingham or perhaps even Mexico City.

I think that's the problem with Toronto that the NFL sees, for a variety of reasons a fair chunk of folks there don't want an NFL team. That is a problem for sure although Toronto would certainly draw from a radius of a 2 hour drive of Toronto for sure that would add to the base of fans.

I think some fans of other pro sports there might actually be afraid that an NFL team might steal too much thunder away from their team and sport. Actually fearful of the impact that the NFL might have. They can live with the CFL since it isn't much of a threat to them but not the NFL. I don't know.

You know I perused Naylors original thread, and I didn’t see one response that put down the NFL. Most said they prefer the CFL, but didn’t trash the other league.

YEt on this thread Naylor thanks all us anti-NFL people for responding?

You can see where this story is going, eh? He’s going to make us CFL fans look like raving maniacs who are joined in their hatred of the NFL rather then their support for the CFL.

How original, eh?

It all depends on what they wrote. I basically said that the NFL is boring to watch. That the bigger CFL field makes for a more exciting game, and that the too long play clock means that a game can be over with 2 minutes or more still remaining, unlike the CFL, where 45 seconds is potentially the longest that a team, can hold the ball without giving it up.

Okay, obviously I'm coming in way late here.

But did anyone mention to Mr Naylor, that it's not so much that we are anti-NFL, but that we just don't like pin heads in the media trashing the CFL ?

And would the NFL, still be the schat, if say Regina got awarded a franchise over Toronto ? Has Mr Naylor asked himself that ?