Thanks to POPP.....


We have :
--- Aging Team with no younger players being developed.

--- A Defense with no character
--- An Offense with no i magination
--- Aging no mobile QB
--- Aging Slot with a big heart and no support
--- No Play makers
--- No team identity

Essentially what really gets me is The Al's use to be the envy of the league at finding players "Now we are the joke"
Oh yes, wasn't this POPP's biggest asset.....

Unless VIA Rail has a train load mof fans coming from the Queen City - Big O will not be sold out & next years looks to be dismal.... unless ---- you all know what needs happen ....DO THE RIGHT THING.

At this point. Popp and the team have 3 games and at least one playoff game to impress...

No point in beating a wounded horse...Everyone hopes it will heal before the big race.

If not we can always put it out of its pain in November...

Ill agree with some of those points but theres a few that are just wrong:

no younger players being developed is wrong. We have a handfull of young players we are working on. Deslauriers is a young receiver with a lot of upside to him, boulay is quite promising in his second year, prouxl has potential and is in his third year. Theres quite a few other players weve brought in but im not sure on their age/am too lazy to check but.

Immobile QB- while Calvillo is not known for his running if he has to move out of pressure he can if the offensive line gives him somewhere he can run to which they havent more oftne than not giving the impression that calvillo cant run. Vick would look just as immobile with an offensive line like the als.

No play makers. Theres some but not many Devon Claybroks, Diamond Ferri, Davis Sanchez, and Boulay can all make big plays happen on defence. And on offence Cahoon, Watkins and Thurmon are all capable of breaking off huge gains.

There is very little wrong with this team that a new head coach and oc wouldnt fix and those are the two moves we NEED to make in the offseason

We've got a talented team on paper, with terrible coaching and a few glaring personnel holes:

  • We lack linebacking depth.
  • We need a really good cover cornerback, i.e. not Mark Estelle. He plays five yards off every receiver and it's pitch and catch most of the time, unless, of course, he's being burned for a big gain.
  • A better inside lineman to complement Claybrooks. Romero hasn't been terribly impressive.
  • An O-line that can keep its QB from being killed every other play.

You guys are assuming all of the Als guys will want to come back…

A Coach and OC a MLB a “speed back” If the Als are lucky

Could be more like a receiver to replace Watkins and then there are the possible guys who will walk. Flory, Duval, Sanchez…

There could be quite a few of our premier players leave as FA…Watkins openly said he had his fill… Hamilton is openly looking for exactly guys like Flory,Watkins and Sanchez.

We’ll find out how much Popp is apreciated as a coach soon enough.

He’s hoping that Calvillo coming back will convince guys like Flory and Watkins to stick around…we’ll see.

....and how's this for a radical idea...

We are getting no sacks (only Hamilton has fewer), so a major upgrade on the D line is just as important as a major upgrade on the O line. Claybrooks has potential, agreed, and Romero has been less than impressive. Stewart and Kashama off the ends are getting few sacks.

So.....since we also seem to have a hole at MLB, how about moving Anwar Stewart to MLB next year? He has the size, speed, and savvy to play there I think, given time and training......

HfxTC, I agree that some veterans may not be back, but do you honestly think HAMILTON is a more attractive destination for them at this point? We're doing badly this year, but we aren't the joke of the league the way the Ti-Cats have been for the past 5 years.

MadJack, that's an intriguing idea, but the position of MLB is too important to take a chance with a converted down lineman. We haven't had a really topnotch MLB since Kevin Johnson at his peak. That needs to change. I think we need to reevaluate Stewart next year. He's getting older and he just isn't getting to the quarterback the way he used to.

I don't think so. Als tried that exact thing trying to convert Kai Ellis. MLB have a special set of skills that they start to hone in HS football. In the CFL they are also asked to drop in coverage. It takes a special athlete with a general's attitude, loads of agression and highly develop inteligence and memory to play the position in a dominant fashion. These guys are really tough to find and when one is available (Barrin Simpson) teams will pay big bucks to get them. In fact they rarely ever move... but for some reason we can't seem to find one and when Simpson was available Popp got outbid by Taman.

But who's out there looking for one right now???

I agree with re-evaluating seems to me that we need 2 new Defensive ends next year. I'd hate to part with Stewart altogether, since I think he can still play and has good football smarts, but he's no pass rusher anymore, and given his size and smarts, I have a hunch that a switch to MLB just might work out...if not, find someone new. Would be nice if we had a GM who was actually looking to get new players...Popp was a past master at that, too bad he's missing in action this year in that role, too busy trying to play head coach. Sad.

I agree the Als have a lot of talent. Maybe so many players they don't know who to play week in and week out. I think what the O-Line lacks is Okeke, Cavillo didn't have too many blind side hits when he was around. Lambert, Chui and Flory use to be yearly allstars and Fritz and Mudge were very capable right tackles. Bourke and Perrett should be good tackles for many years once they get the experience. A mobile QB would make them look like all stars again IMO.

I like the tandum of Payton and Carter in the backfield with Vilimek and Perry as back ups.

The Wr's are good to average especially with a Copeland like talent not being replaced. Cahoon can't carry them by himself.

The defense has some good players as well on paper, but injuries or just off years seems to have plagued them.
Guys like Strickland, Stewart and Sanchez used to be mainstays of the D but have either lost a step or are hampered by injuries. But this is still a good football team, just needs some tweeking or coaching direction. Popp doesn't seem to have the Mathews magic.

the only trait of a HC Popp has, is a big ego.