Thanks to Blair Turner of Calgary for the 20,000 towels

I know there is an earlier thread about the towels but I think this great Tiger-Cat fan deserves his own thank-you thread.

Thanks so much Mr. Turner ! You inspire! :slight_smile:

Apparantly the Ticats are flying him in for the game too …Excellent!!

to see a sample of the towels, click this link :

Wear black everybody !(with a splash of gold of course) :rockin:

Woohoo, don’t forget to give them over to the Lions to wipe their tears away after the game.

nice touch Blair i will wave with PRIDE thank you

Thanks for the towels.

They look AWESOME!!!

Go get em CATS!!

Now that does not mean you can put a bar of soap in them and use them on Lion fans or Printers :wink:

Damn it why can't sunday come faster!!! So pumped!!

Thanks Blair Turner, very classy gesture. I will bring it to every game I go too.
Doc 8)