Thanks to all you cfl fans


You'll find that on the internet it's best to not have a user name that includes your gender like you have. Especially when you're female.

Your gender should be irrelevant here, so including it in your name isn't wise IMO.

i can take care of myself thank you. i’m a sports board veteran who’s knows how to handle mansplainers, douche bags and bros.

so are you stalking me or what? or are you the self-designated forum hall monitor?


You do you. I'm just saying that's it's never good to share more about yourself than you need to IMO. I'm a former cop so I can't help be like this.

i’m sure you were. the thin blue line is over there.


Great to see more women posting on this forum. I am another crazy CFL women. I was on the field at the 1972 Grey Cup as a majorette (before we had cheer and dance teams). My daughter was a member of the Ticat cheer team for several years starting in 1999. We both love the Cats and the CFL. However the men in my life (husband and son) don't like football so I join you fine folks to discuss and share all things CFL.


that’s amazing! and so nice to see other passionate female CFL fans! thank you for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

I suspect there are a lot more female's here on 3DN who may not identify themselves as such. Gridirongirl with her wealth of football knowledge, sharp & witty tongue encourage more ladies to speak up, at least I hope so.

My dearly departed mother was a huge CFL fan we celebrated Grey Cup every year with a big party & appetizers.....I pretty much went from drinking milk from a bottle :baby_bottle: to drinking beer from a bottle watching the CFL.

Funny thing I fell down regardless of which bottle I drank from


lol except that apparently my new stalker mr hall monitor doesn’t like female football fans.

There is another gal that is a regular poster on here and also quite knowledgeable and very passionate about the game goes by the name of Ticatfan94 .


Hi Grid Iron Girl
Love some of your comments and if you ever have any problems with anyone on the site please speak up as they should be dealt with.
I am not a monitor or have anything to do with the site except from a comment or two but will not put up with any scumbag hiding behind a screen thinking they can say anything to intimidate Anyone...... CFL is a great league a few teams added and it will be even better.
Toronto needs to go! It looks so crappy when you tune in to watch a game and 3k fans in the stadium.
Get the Halifax deal done then Windsor or London then another Quebec team all solid Football communities .
I would be sad for TO but lets face it ....they are not interested in the CFL

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being absent minded for a variety of reasons, it’s still inexcusable that i did not thank you for the lovely complimentary post. but for every thing i may claim to know about football or anything else, there will be many others who know much more, whether man, woman or other. i’m just a passionate CFL fan who appreciates good football and engaging discussion with other fans, regardless of team affiliation.


thanks. i’ve encounter a select few disagreeable apples here, so to speak, but for the most part, everyone has been just cherry to me. and the mods do a great job of keeping this place tidy. :slightly_smiling_face:

You won't have that same opinion if you see the same site in the off season.... Way too much politics involved here in the off season and you know how those fights soon evolve into gutter snipping

haha well i admit i’m rather fond of and good at political discourse, but i doubt i’ll do much of it here. :joy:

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My dogs like the odd game . Thanks for thinking of them .


I can say the same. A cool bunch of people who share my respect for the CFL. Go Argooos. Sry


lol don’t apologize for being a fan of a team!

Welllllllllll, maybe the Argos :rofl:
(Actually, maybe the Agos should be apologizing to him!)


heh. i feel like you meant the redblacks there :joy:

i think the redblacks org should refund everyone who attended a game this year.

i didn’t even know argos fans existed!

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