Thanks to all you cfl fans

ok i just want to say thanks to everyone here for being so awsome and friendly, despite differing fan bases and team affiliations (and me being an opinionated b*tch lol). i just joined here while back after lurking for a bit and i always worry a bit when on a sports site full of dudes. i love friendly arguing with people and i love canadian football with a passion. so glad we can share it. thanks for making me feel welcomed and not being douchey or creepy.

picks up the flag and whistles the next play in


Welcome. Anyone with a photo of their dog in their profile pic is a-ok with me.


You know the game and have intelligent opinions. Plumbing is irrelevant! (Well at least it is here :grin:)


hah, thanks. my game watching buddy. he looks like a football too. here he is in his fav sweater (that i knit)


Mine's bigger :rofl:


holy sh*t is that a llama? :joy:


thank you, that means a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The top pic he was still a puppy... 10 months old in that shot.

His record was 15 seconds to catch and kill a coyote that was tracking us on a hike

that’s unreal, what breed(s) is he?


6 ft 5 on his hind legs. 135 lbs, would have been 150 if we didn’t shave him 4x per year.

We lost him in March. He was 11.

oh no, i’m so sorry. now i’m sad for you. losing a pet is awful. my condolences. :cry: and i’ve heard of that breed. my little mexican football (he’s a chihuahua) is 10 and slowing down a bit but small dogs age slower so he’s got a few more good years hopefully.


We have already interacted on this forum but I’ll offer you a welcome as well.

Didn’t you originally have a cat in your avatar or am I thinking of someone else?

oh yea the cat with wine glass was me. i just changed it because that was a pic i got off internet, i don’t have a cat.


I thought it was a cool pic but if it wasn’t yours then better to have your own.

He's more into hockey but has been known to watch football too.


so cute.

OMG yes, we needed a dog thread! keep ‘em coming.

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You're a breath of fresh air, you give a shot like you take a shot. You speak your mind yet still remain kind. But the best part is you call out crap when you see it. Looking forward to many years of banter even if you need to call me out on occasion. Welcome to 3DN


aw thanks :blush:

i just keep it real. i’m not perfect, and in fact a little broken lol. but i don’t pretend. i’m here because i love CFL football and i love interacting with other passionate fans of all teams of the league. every team has douchey asshole fans, so i don’t subscribe to the “i hate (insert team) fans” thing. i despise trolling douchey assholes whether they are into football or not.


Same here!
I mean, I was like that when I was 14 but now I appreciate a good game more than tying all of my emotions to one team winning or losing.


This is my sport buddy :