Thanks to all Ticat staff and fans

I want to thank Adam Provost, Mark Bowden and all the folks at the front office that nominated me for the Hamilton Tourist Board, “Volunteer of Year?.

As many of you may have heard, I was the winner of this award.

The award is a beautiful statuette designed by Shirley Elford (Shirley also designed the statuettes for the Junio Awards).

Over the many years as Pig Skin Pete I have received such great support from the great Tiger Cat fans. This support attracted great attention to me as Pig Skin Pete. Over the years many organizations such as Big Brothers, CNIB, United Way, Canadian Cancer Assist and Hamilton Brain Injury Service asked me to assist in their fund raising drives.

I am certain it was because the Tiger Cats fans brought so much attention to this position that caused these organizations to have me help support their fund raising.

I wish to thank you one and all for the support you have given Pig Skin Pete (all three of us) over the past many years.

Very shortly you will be introduced to Pig Skin Pete IV. I know you will get behind him to assure our Hamilton Tradition will be continued and the new “Guy in the Bowler? can continue to volunteer off the field, and perhaps this award will come again to another Pig Skin Pete.

Thank you and kind regards to all

Yet another example of what a class act you are. We are the ones who should be thanking you. You have been a wonderful ambassador to the community and have done so much for the fans.

We will support the new Pigskin Pete, but we'll also miss you.

Thanks for everything you've done for the city and the team.

You'll be a Hard Act to Follow Paul
Your one of the Class Acts of The CFL..

I Enjoyed Meeting you and Wife During Meet and Greats.

I Hope you will be at more of them as Just a Fan.

Must Respect.
T Riddell

Oski-Wee-Wee, Paul. This one’s for you!

Thank you Paul for all your time, effort, and love of the CFL and Tiger Cats football.

Thanks for everything Paul. You deserve every accolade that comes your way.

Paul, the award was truly deserved. You are going to be missed but I look forward to seeing you at the games.

Is that really you posting Paul??
No reason other than it looks too "pro/polished" for our Pigskin to write it.
And why as the biggest fan of the Cats is this the first post.
It really does not matter and two thumbs up for the content and message included!

You will be missed Paul, and sorry for the doubt if you did post this yourself...but we know you didn't :slight_smile:


Most deserved.

Paul: Your tenure as Pigskin Pete is going to be a tough act for anyone else to follow. You did so much for TiCat football in this city and more importantly, for the charities you served.

You'll never be forgotten by the fans in and around Hamilton, and for that matter, the entire CFL. Your services to the team, the fans and countless charities is unparralled by anyone before you from this organization.

I guess I don't have "blackandgold's) insight to suggest that you may not have entered the first post, but, who cares. I personally believe every word of it and join with those who congratulate you on your selection for "Volunteer of the Year". I've seen you in action many times both at Ivor Wynne Stadium and Dofasco and I know personally what a great man you are.

The best to you and your family in the years to come.

Congratulations Paul.

You truly are an ambassador for the community as well as the CFL :thup: :thup: