Thanks to all.......An Argo fan

I can see from my last few visits to the Cat's forums that the season and the postings are winding down. Before things wind down completely, I just wanted to thank you folks for welcoming this Argo fan to your site this season. To be honest, I'd never ventured over to the Cats site before 2006, it being enemy territory. When I did drop by, I wasn't at all surprised at the type of fans who posted here--knowledgeable and passionate (as well as frustrated and disappointed). What did surprise me was the generosity extended to me. As a result, my wife and I made the trip to IWS 4 times this season and enjoyed every visit--even the HOF game in the rain. We'd never been to IWS before this season.

As I've posted here previously, I've always liked Hamilton and its citizens. It reminds me of the TO of the 50s when I was growing up; when TO was a much more civil place. That isn't intended as a backhanded complement either. Just the truth.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for making this CFL season even more enjoyable than usual. I hope the Cats can improve enough between now and next Spring to make the playoffs in 2007 (but not enough to be the East's rep in the Grey Cup). :wink:

An Argo fan

Your contributions here were quite enjoyable Barney. Enjoy the play-offs and off-season and it'll be great to see you back in 07 (you know, the year the TiCats win the Grey Cup in Skydome).

Barney: You add a lot to this site.

Don't be a stranger!

You have been a great and welcome addition to this site Barney. Enjoy the playoffs, have a great off-season, see you back here soon.

Very classy. I'm glad you post here and I enjoy your posts (even if I don't respond very often). Enjoy the off-season and don't take the loss this Sunday too badly. :wink:

And thats why I Luv U :wink:

For any Argo ain't half bad! :wink:

Sounds as if Barneyfife may want to become one of us, Welcome to the DARKSIDE FIFE ! :twisted:

soon the colour of your blood will change too ! :lol:

Glad to have ya around B-F... it's a little known fact that we at Ticats.cahave actually turned a few blue fans black and gold.. don't be surprised when it's your

Maybe if I keep selling you tickets at $25/pair you will be assimilated into the Black & Gold Collective :>))) Since that could be just the cost to park at Rogers Center :>))))


You two are so delusional, I'm amazed I count you as my friends.

Damn, I'm forgiving.

Ya,winding down is an under statement BF!!
It's depressing heading into the semifinal playoffs this weekend as a non entity ..."again ',cuss,cuss cuss cuss cuss,becuss we aren't in it thats cuss.oh never mind.
Hope you under stand better on Sunday BF,go Bombers!

By the way great having you around on a class site eh! :thup: :expressionless:

Thanks for all the kind comments. Now I must ask you for one more thing this season and I know you can do it!! Cheer for the double blue this aft. Let's practice together now, Arrrrgooooossss! One more time, Arrrrrrgoooooosssss!

Don't y'all feel better?

Seriously Cats fans, thanks again for helping to make this season so enjoyable. :smiley:

An Argo fan