Thanks Ti-cat fans!

I wanted to express my thanks to all of you ti-cat fans for updates from training camp & especially the photos, we never talk to Jason during camp & this way I get to see and hear whats happening. This is the best fan website, keep up the great work! Thanks again.

Yeah, the reports and pics are great, aren’t they?

Which Jason are you referring to? Goss or Maas?

Are you family/friend from afar?


his family

Well, I was out at camp for a while this afternoon and Jason's passes had nice, strong zip with tight spirals.

Lookin' sharp!

Maas is going to be phenomenal with the 'cats this year. And its going to work out very well since he already has previous experience with Vaughn, Cavil, and Ralph.

You know, when Bob bought the team, he repeatedly said that he wanted Hamilton to be like Edmonton. I guess a good place to start is by importing half the Eskimos' roster... :stuck_out_tongue:

and three quarters of Ottawas lol