Thanks Ti-Cat Faithful, A1exander and Avon Cobourne

Just got back to our temporary digs here south of Rochester, NY and I wanted to thank EVERYONE at IWS and the Ti-Cats Store for an awesome gameday experience.

A1exander hooked us up with a couple seats and we had a great time, including securing some autographs from one of the newest Ti-Cats, Avon Cobourne thanks to our WVU gear. He's a Mountaineer through and through. A1exander says his stuff on the website is hilarious. I'll have to check it out.

Again, thanks everyone for an awesome experience. Don't know when I'll have the chance to get back up to Hamilton, but I'll definitely be looking for the opportunity.

Yes it was a good night just too bad that we didn't score more TDs, only 1 passing TD. Once we get the little things sorted out I think we will be putting up 60 points a game this year.................... :lol:

Glad to hear you got home safely major. It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and your lovely wife. Tammy and I had a great time. I'm glad you guys came, you're a lovely couple and when I pass through Georgia I'd sure like to spend a Saturday with you both at a Bulldogs game.

Did you see Avons smile when he saw us all standing there in our WVU gear? Priceless. Good times man.

Wow, Ticat forum members who actually understand what these forums are for!

Namely for making friends and telling fun stories about our favourite team and our connections to it.

Glad your evening(s) worked out so well. Although it would be hard not to have fun when the Ticats show so much promise getting reading for the season.

Cheers, Bob.


On the topic of Avon Cobourne, I knew Avon was a good player, but I had no idea of his popularity. Here's a note I received from a friend in Raleigh. Prior to this note I didn't know he was a football fan, much less a CFL fan:

"Hope all is well...glad to see that your team picked up one of my favorite players from my school West Virginia University. I have followed Avon's career over the years and I hope he can help the Tiger-Cats win a lot of games! Tell Avon he still has many followers from his WVU days. Avon still holds both the Big East and WVU's rushing record - hope he sets records for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats leads your team to the Grey Cup this season."

My brother took his 4 year old son to his first game..he had a blast and enjoyed all the fans in his section, especially the guys who looked like they had been plucked out of a game from 1984 wearing the same clothes. :lol: All kidding aside he had a good time and hopefully there will be a next time for him. :rockin:

it was absolutely great. I took my kids and my brother and his girlfriend who was a first timer and knows nothing about sports and even she had fun with all the cheering and dancing. My 10 year old (who I have FINALLY gotten interested in the game after years of pressure lol) was over the moon. She has never seen us score so many points and loved every minute of it.

I'm glad you had a good time MD and hope you make it back again. I can honestly say that I really didn't know much about Cobourne when we signed him other than the fact that he has been great for MTL, but the training camp videos has actually given me a good glimpse into his personality and his character and I am now a big fan. He has a great sense of humour and his priorities are definitely in order.

I don't think you could have asked for a better night and result for introducing people to the Ivor Wynne experience.

The Cats definitely made some new fans yesterday.

Woot!!! Banshee has brought another sheep to the fold!!!

Im glad to hear your daughter had fun!! Have you considered junior cheer? It might be too late this year, the girls started practice in Febuary, but maybe next year? My daughter was 10 last year when she first signed up so this will be her second year. I cannot describe how excited she is about the game next week. She was even mad at Tammy and I last night because she couldnt come to the game and her sitter wouldnt watch it. When we picked her up the first thing she asked was the score. When I told her, she was mad at us and especially the babysitter cause she missed it. I thought maybe she was just cranky because it was 11ish and we had woken her up, but the first thing she said to me after work today was, “I cant believe we scored 57 points and I missed it. Im still mad at you!” Her future husband better bleed Black and Gold or he’s in for a rough ride.

Im almost afraid to post this, but Tammy, majordawg and mrsmajordawg were almost in the Spec today.

I was!!!! Suckers!!!!

I got posterized by the guy with the Tiger headband in the last photo of todays spec. They were focusing on that guy with the Tiger headband and his cute little girl (also with Tiger headband) when I got posterized.

Posterized means you were in a famous picture, kinda. Ever had a poster of Michael Jordan dunking when you were younger? The blurry kid he dunked on got posterized. Check the last photo in todays spec. Im posterized in photo 10. I'm the guy with the red gotee and gold ticat hat staring intently at the field. I even remember what I was thinking. I was wondering how drmopar was gonna spin this, QP is looking great.

Sorry Majordawg, Mrsmajordawg and Tammy. You were almost famous kinda too. On the bright side, you all still got to meet Deuces and get his autograph.

cool, what section/page is this? I was there with a bunch of family and friends and we weren't there 15 minutes and someone from the spec came over and asked permission to take a photo of my niece, she was pumped when she woke up the next day to see her photo on the front page!

Ha! No worries! I meant to mention this to you, A1exander and here on the forum, but…

GO DAWGS! Ben Zambiasi (Ti-Cats Honouree Class of 2002) was a DAWG in the 1970s! Check it out!

Go DAWGS, Go Ti-Cats! Oskee Wee Wee!

Just walking to the game from where we park and talking to people along the way and saying hi to people who are pulling weeds from their front lawn and that is part of going to the games that is great and helps me connect to the lower city that I wouldn't be doing if it weren't for the Cats.

Hahahaha. That's awesome Major. I didn't know that. I wonder how many other TiCats went to Georgia U? Or how many current CFL players aside from Terrence Edwards?

It's quite apparent you love your DAWGS Major. Just like I love my CATS. I'm glad one of your DAWGS became one of my CATS!!!

Oskee Wee Wee!!!! Go DAWGS!!!

I hear ya Earl. I have friends that I only see at the stadium. It's always nice to see them again each year after a long off season. Man I can't wait till Friday!!!

It was in Box E.

I didn't see the actual newspaper, just the online spec photos. Was your niece that cute little girl holding the sign that said, "This is my first TiCats game" ?

OT: Could someone kindly explain how to multi quote? I am having limited success with it.

8) Ben was at the game on Wednesday night. I talked to him at half time.
 Too bad you didn't get a chance to meet him there !!!

Wow, that would have been awesome. Where was he sitting? HOF Box?