Thanks! The CFLFFC Climb for Cancer Tailgate was a success!

Thanks everyone who did the Climb for Cancer and coming by the CFLFFC BBQ-Tailgate!
The volunteers of CFL Fans Fight Cancer always step up for this event and really enjoy doing it.
I hope in the coming years we'll have more and more Ticat fans joining in the Climb for Cancer's Ron Lancaster Memorial Climb.
It would be great to see all the different fan groups from Lot J enter a walking team and or a climb team wearing their colours. It's a great pre-season get together for a great cause! The volunteers of CFL Fans Fight Cancer see the climb as a chance to kick of the new season every year.
The day was awesome!
Having Pigskin Pete kept everything going with the great emceeing all day and starting the Lancaster Climb off with and Oskee Wee Wee was perfect! Having the chance to climb with Ticats players Matt Bucknor and the Mike Filer and (former Ticat) and present Argo Wayne Smith was awesome. It did not hurt either to have our Ticats and Argo Cheer team members climbing with us as well! Talk about inspiration! It was a fun day with great people, now lets bring on the season! GO CATS GO!

Thanks again for everyone's ongoing support of CFL Fans Fight Cancer!
P.S.: Look for your Ticat seat cushions being sold by CFLFFC and Wellsping volunteers at the second game in Guelph. Proceeds benefit Wellspring Cancer Resource Centre. Yes, Wellspring helps people even from the Guelph area! You'll have a comfy butt (on those benches) and help fight cancer while enjoying the game!