Thanks Stamps!

Thank you Stamps!
By beating BC, you've given the Tabbies their first playoff spot in 5 years (barring a tie between BC-Edm next week).

Likewise, the Tabbies beat Sask to help you in your quest for 1st!

ill second that! OSKIE WEE WEE! Still pullin for Cal in the west :smiley:

Actually, Catsfan, the Cats beating the Riders had absolutely no bearing on Calgary's quest for first in the West (as that was to be determined next week regardless of the outcome of this weekend's games), but I'm sure they'll accept your wishes anyway. :wink:

I, too, would also like to thank the stamps for winning yesterday. That win gave the Riders a home playoff game for the third straight season. We will repay you next week by beating you guys.

haha if you play like you did against hamilton i wouldnt count on it LOL the riders were brutal hah not to take away from the ticats, who played a great game but what points did ssk get one feild goal and 3 singles? great offensive day LOL

Hey Jakob! Quit trolling! :smiley:

Just kidding...looking forward to a great game!

sorry nielca i dont believe i am trolling im on my teams forum i would believe if anyone is trolling its the riders fans :lol: should be a good one always is when the stamps and riders play