Thanks Rob Katz!

Just wanted to see my post again. Seems someone didn't like it and removed it. It is intersting that a few comments are made about mangement and they are taken off the site, but continuous cheap shots at players continue to live on.
Just wanted to thank Rob Katz for assembling this heap of Ticats. Must be nice to spendBob's money assembling this group. Thanks for ridding our team of Coulter, Hack, D-Mac, Davis, Bakker, and Commiskey. The offense, qb oline, has never looked better.
I do miss you confused gaze into the camera as you answered questions on the team as the "Intern" GM. I guess I will have to amuse humor myself by the new GM's comments about players being quitters. Nice to see that the more things change the more they stay the same.

seems like when woody came trolling along the thread got deleted....anyway like i posted, Mr. Katz should'nt take all the blame he was put in that position with no expierence by the owner who seems like he has learned his lesson by hiring Marcel.

It is hard to get a handle on which topics get the axe or not. It seems when the chosen few complain they get results.Unlike on other sites where they get banned.they come on here all high and mighty do gooders but thats just a mirage. i saw A certain someone,no names mentioned but rhyme's with goody giving one of our members an expletive laden rant after the game waiting for the players to come out of the locker room. Show some respect. There were lots of children around who heard you!!

Do remember Katz was the interm GM whos job it was to best put together this team but to find a replacement for himself. He was never the GM that was going to be here for a while. And to me it looks like he has found a strong Gm in Marcel.

Anger and alcohol is never a good mix.



Not sure what you mean by the anger/alcohol comment, haven't had a drink in 40 years. I do no an ego maniac when I see one.
You are correct he used in-ter-im to describe himself. However I don't think an interim GM stays around as long as he did. He went from a shy not saying much at the Lancaster interview last year to a guy who loved seeing his quotes. And didn't he quite as a GM. Oh, that is only something players do.
He did have too much authority for a salesman. He brought in Joe, fired, Greg, and hired Ron.

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