Thanks RO1313 !

Just want to thank RO for his hard work, fairness and wisdom moderating the Als forum the last few years. He's made me a "better" person and I will miss him as a moderator. He's a true fan and awesome person who's become as much of a friend as one can become online.

Thank R !

Is ro stepping down?


Where is he going?

I think he's just on vacation for 2 weeks....

He'll be back !

Oh thats good.

I thought maybe he left us to pursue his hockey career.

Just tried to send him a PM and got this..

"The requested users to be added do not exist."

I hope everything is alright.

He's fine, he just got fed up with the drunks and the bs. Just contact him at he just posted pictures yesterday.

I wondered what happened, too bad, we lost a good one.

...I agree.....He should have hung around as a reg. poster but i guess he had enough...The rigors of being a mod. caught-up ...Tough job sometimes eh pigseye :wink: :lol:

Understand that but the optics are bad, and that's unfortunate. It makes it look like he lost his position as a mod (whether he quit or was forced out I cannot say), and then stamped his feet and took his marbles and went home. Like I said, it's unfortunate that it can look like that.

It is somewhat akin to a situation (and here I digress) that I've always found rather problematic. . . a politician runs for leader of his party, wanting to lead the party to victory and hence become premier of a province or PM of Canada. He's so dedicated to public service that he offers himself as a leader candidate. But then, when he loses at the leadership convention, his dedication to public service suddently evaporates and he quits his post. So it' s like "I"m dedicated to public service but only if I can be the top dog." There've been some exceptions (Joe Clark staying on after Mulroney replaced him), but too many just up and quit if they can't be leader.

How's that rate as going off on a tangent ?

....i like the analysis/analogy does this mean if ro13 is promised a plum position will he be enticed to return :lol: or has he reached the point of no return....?????

If holding up examples like Joe Clark (or Stockwell Day for that matter) won’t lure him back, nothing will!

Public Service Announcement: This may be a MadJack threadjack.

If anyone here thinks RO should have been fired or harassed for the quality of the work he did for this site or that he's a bad sport for no longer posting her, have rocks in their heads, we are talking a VOLUNTEER here who was pure class, he called what he saw in particular about officiating and followed the rules as opposed to others who handed out lifetime bans without consulting or covered other mods in exchange of reciprocity, or admit to post drunk or don't even bother to participate.

Go sort posters by registration date and see how many long term active posters this forum has lost in the last year or two and its SAD.

Madjack you are way out of line talking about someone who no longer posts here and can not or will not defend himself. The marbles you suggest he left with might have been the ones in your head ? Optics ah... never mind.

HfxTC, sorry, but you appear to have totally misread my meaning. Sorry if it was my mistake by being unclear.

I was only suggesting that it made things LOOK bad; I said it was UNFORTUNATE that it COULD LOOK LIKE THAT.

I wasn't attacking anyone, just saying that it COULD LOOK bad, and that is UNFORTUNATE that some could look at it that way. . .

Didn't say that I was looking at it that way. . .

Hope that clears that up.

And your other point is bang on; we have lost some good ones; Third and Ten comes quickly to mind. . .

Please accept my appology...I'm still angry at the way he was treated and how they went about it.

accepted by all means !

.....yes....i miss third and ten....very knowledgeable character as was ro1313....I hate to see any supporters of our league fade into the sunset...especially people of their qualities........I don't know why fans 'call it a day' with respect to these boards...I guess they all have their reasons....My son, redwhite 2005, pulled the pin for various reasons....Don't know what he's up to now...but yes...we have lost a lot of good posters and members of this site :roll:

It is sad that we've lost members. Don't know how to fix it.