Thanks Riders Fans

Hey CFL fans,

If you were at Sunday's BC vs. Saskatchewan game, how fun was that? The crowd was awesome and so were the Lions.

I was expecting all of the Riders fans to be trashing us on the forums after the game, but all I really saw was "congratulations" and "good game". At the game, Riders fans were loud yet respectful. Best of all, they were part of the 50,000+ at the game.

You guys had a good season and will be even better next year. Thanks for making the trip out west, and thanks for being such great fans. Remember, Reggie Hunt's brother Aaron, and Tristan Clovis' brother Sebastian both play for the Lions, so don't be afraid to cheer for us in the Grey Cup.

Wish us luck.

I echo that statement. Rider fans were nothing but classy and should be commended for that. Not just the fans, but the players too. They gave props where they were due. Next week is not just for BC, but for the West too.

Thank-you for your kind words. There are some respectful BC fans. ( you both being included in that previous statement of course )
I say some because in my section ( 11 L4 row MM ) as a rider fan was leaving he got decked in the head by a suker punch from a lions fan.. (obviously a drunk one)
I made the trip over across the pond. It was a good crowd 50,084 i think i saw. And cudos to the lion fans drowning out kerry's cadence... how many illegal procedurs because the center couldn't hear him ? Comming back on the ferry with a crowd of lions fans it was funny them still trash talking us green and white fans - "your silent over there on your rough ride home eh?" - i didnt respond and tell him he was riding the same ferry as i.

Good luck on Sunday Lions and Lions fans... I'll be cheering on the Felions 8)

There are defintely some drunk idios out there. I hope they didn't ruin your time at BC Place. Most Lions fans are a lot classier than that, I'm sure you know. When you put 50,000 people in one place, there are bound to be morons. No excuses for stuff like that though.

I'm sorry to hear that there were a couple of idiots... like RLR said, there are bound to be a few morons among 50k people.

I met several Riders fans before and after the game and they were totally classy. They were congratulatory and very respectful. :thup:

rider fans are pretty darn good fans from what i' ve seen. good luck to them for next year.

Sorry for the idiots you encountered. Sad to admit, there are still a few jerks that can't hold their liquor.

My hats off to the Rider fans in our section. My Grandson was wearing his Dickinson shirt and he had a great time trading "Teases" with the Rider fans dressed in Green. We had a great time with every one.

Kudos to all Rider fans. I was glad we were hosting you because it meant the West Final would be a great event and you didn't let us down. It was fun hoisting a few beforehand with you on Beatty St and at the tailgate party. Till next year!

Riders fans seem to be good sports (except for Turkey). But I'll give him some time to cool off after Sunday's demolishing.