Thanks Ricky, it was a slice....

....was listening to Jim Rome this morning driving from meeting to meeting and he was interviewing Leigh Steinberg, Ricky William's agent....

....Steinberg said RW's suspension ends in April and "he is looking very forward to rejoining the Dolphins and playing in the NFL this year" surprise really I guess....

....but at no time in the interview did Rome ask Steinberg what RW might have been up to for the last year....nothing....just talked about how he is so into doing yoga in Maui now and this has replaced his love for gange....sorry Betty, Veronica is ready to take Archie back now....

You can't really expect the agent to saythat RW's dreading a return to the Dolphins. He's kind of obligated to make Ricky sound happy. doubt, that is his job, but strange that the question 'what has your client been doing football-wise lately?' didn't come up....especially when he played in an actual professional WTF is so important about yoga* that it totally dominates the conversation...

*other than lululemon pants

I don't get that side of it either, Redandwhite....Rome could have had a much more relevant conversation than he did.

Seya Ricky. while I am not sure him coming the CFL was the greatest thing in the world, I must say that he conducted himself very well all year. He was always open for interviews, always supporeted his teammates, talked highly of the CFL and Canada. And most importantly created a distraction in the Toronto locker room allowing them to be a bad team again. :lol:

good luck in the NFL

also lululemon is the greatest thing to come along since the bikini

Jim Rome is an IDIOT plain and simple. About 2 years ago I watched part of an episode of that egocentrical p***** show , after his comment..."who watches the CFL anyways ".. i shut him off for good...All the best to RW in 2008......GO RIDERS

I like Jim Rome's radio show ... listen every day. But I cringe if the CFL comes up on it... he did a take on the Grey Cup breaking, and I remember the McCallum manure incident he really teed off on that. I don't understand why he mocks it so much when he defends the Arena League as being good entertainment value and not trying to be the NFL.
A regular guest, Warren Moon will often mention his CFL days and you can tell Rome wants to trash the league but won't in front of Moon.

I wish i was in Regina when the argos came lol... We had to go to edmonton for a couple days and lo and behold as a result i had to give up my season ticket for 1 game...

Seems that Mr. Rome would fit in with a few Center of the Universe media types that regularly bash the CFL. Its not surprising, however that the league doesnt get mentioned in an interview with Ricky's agent.

Jim Rome is a clown nothing more. His rich little dadddy got him a small time radio show and the american twits of the world jumped on his band wagon only to get it syndicated. Listening to the show makes a real fan vomit. He massages the egos of other morons. What's to like about his show or for that matter the individual. He is a total waste of radio waves.

Agreed Red. You also forgot loud and abnoxious.

Exactly! And the special lingo (snort) and grunting (bath room highlights) is humorous at best. The guy is a spoiled rich kid and has his following but most are one brain cell individuals that partake in this circus on radio. Americas Marty York on the radio.

The one thing though is Ricky did handle himself with class while in Canada. Remember most of us including myself thought he would fail with the drugs and on the field. I think he did ok on the field but not to his high expectations. Most of us were right on that one. The drugs well time will tell if he got a taste for that BC bud.

He didnt put any fans in the stands , so his season was a failure.(thanks in large part to nfl anti cfl p.r via Joe Thiesmans Rant!) The fact CFl Defences "adjusted" for Williams Power running, only detracted from the offenceive side, because of roster limitations!, IMO HE proved the CFl is at same level as NFl, but predictably the T.O media is blind to the FACT.! :cowboy:

Rome is an entertainer first and foremost. He has a schtickand that is to be the guy in the bar whos had one too many beers and who tries to prove to the world that he knows every answer and that his opinion is truth`.

I avoid guys like this like the plague. Rome turns me off completely but some people seem to like his act.

He tees off on leagues├ęsports that are marginal in the US consciousness because he knows that it makes him sound courageous, that many parochial and insular Amercans will knee-jerk agree with him, and that he therefore won`t take any real flack for it.

CFL and Soccer are his favorites. What are his prime reasons... Theyre wimpy and foreign.`

It makes me quite sad that CHML (the `Cats radio station) plays this guy daily and in their promos call him respected and informed.

Should be interesting to see if Williams makes it back onto the Dolphins . Maybe he won't even make the team this time around. IMO his stock with the NFL dropped by coming here . They'll look at him as a CFL'er now and maybe treat him as such.

Yes, Williams handled the season with class.

I wish I had a dollar for everytime someone said "He will rip up the CFL defenses ang give then Argos the Grey Cup." Whether it was talk shows, or people in the bar, expectations were high.

Yes pennw, how will he do returning to the NFL? Return to allstar status, or become, just another running back. Guess we'll have to wait until September!

I used to dislike Rome too ... but have to admit ... he gets great guests

He is just ... 'dense' .... when it comes to soccer and our CFL