thanks refs

for another job well done.

Yup. Much improved over years past.

im really happy so far with the reffing. much better. except, why was burris given a procedure call in the first quarter against hamilton?

besides a few questionable calls, i think they have done a very good job calling the games this year. :thup:

Those "few" questionable calls all came in todays game no doubt.Most disgusting display of reffing i've ever seen.

The piling on call on CGY'S last drive was a penalty . Guy was on the ground and he hit him ! Why even give the ref a the opportunity to throw the flag ! Play was over ! As for the pass int non calls , it was close ! Some days your team gets those calls and other days you don't !

those balls werent catchable either and shouldnt have been thrown even.

blaming the refs is the easy thing to do.. its like blaming 1 player for 1 bad play.. its the easy thing to do.

1 offensive td this week for the cats, no running game, glenn overthrowing guys left right and center.. yup but its the refs for sure.

personally a few calls when u lose are always questionable.. personally i thought last nights game where gallant took an unneccesary roughness call where he didnt really touch him was more questionable than the non calls today.

it is what it is.. the refs miss calls both ways.

blame the refs.. its the easy thing to do when u lose.

then you havent seen very many games. is this perhaps your first yr??

Funny.... But no it isn't.

Nope your just a bitter fan. Your cocky when they win and all excuses when they lose.

It's not the missed calls that bother me, it's the inconsistency. The two main non-calls on Bruce were bad, but they aren't the sole reason the Cats lost (DeAngelis makes one FG, and we probably aren't talking about this). But when later in the game the Stamps get a call in their favour that looked very similar to the ones on Bruce, that's when I get peeved. Game to game, play to play, I just want the refs to be consistent in their calls. When that doesn't happen, that's when referees get pilloried, and deservedly so as far as I am concerned. When players don't produce consistently, we rake them over coals; refs need to be held to the same standard.

But it was Andre Proulx's crew, so I expected nothing less than the worst officiated game possible. I don't think I've seen a game (any game, not just Ti-Cat games) reffed by him that didn't have more than it's fair share of bad or missed calls. I don't believe he reffed last week (correct me if I'm wrong), and I can't think of any blatantly bad or missed calls in any of the four games.

I thought the only call he missed was possibly on Browner. It looked
to me like he got there slightly before the ball.

The two Bruce plays were incidental contact, and rightfully didnt deserve a penalty.

The call on Lewis was blatant holding. The receiver has a right to run his route without
someone grabbing his arm.

some immature fans just dont get the fact that refs are human like the rest of us. No one is perfect at their job, and no one is equal week to week. There will always be some games with more controversial calls than other games, but its just the nature of sports and NOT bad reffing, except in extremely rare cases which does NOT apply to the Hamilton Calgary game.

Refs are not bad, just because you disagree with their calls.

When you are a referee, you need to be consistent in your calls. That's your job. If what you call changes from game to game or play to play, then you are not good at your job. There are rules in place, and each crew should enforce the rules in the same way. Being wildly inconsistent in any line of work is unacceptable.

Human's make mistakes, and no one is saying that they should be perfect. But to be so wildly inconsistent as the refs were today is not acceptable for professional refs. These guys are getting paid to be right, and they need to be right.

Refs are bad if they make incorrect calls, it has nothing to do with whether you, I or anyone else agrees with the call or not.

there isnt a human being alive that can ref any game without making some incorrect calls. That alone is not the criteria for labelling someone a bad ref.

Would you label a player who consistently makes bad plays a bad player? Refs need to be held to the same standard. Incorrect calls are a part of every game. Consistency needs to be upheld.

Jovon Johnson made a clear interception after the Argo receiver caught it in the endzone and Jovon grabbed it from his hands on the wsy down, the ball never touched the turf and was called incomplete, your not the only ones that got robbed, but do you see all of us whining?

it comes down to opinion regarding how inconsitant the refs have been. I say they have been consistant enough to be appreciated.

somtimes bad calls are made but the majority of the time they get it right.

would i like to see them be more consistent with their calls? absolutely. but.. u gotta remember its only week 2 for them also.

gotta give them some time.

i see alot of holding calls every play, offsides.. questionable blocking calls on kick returns, unneccesary roughness calls that arent neccesarly unneccesary roughness calls :S

its easy to blame the refs when u lose.. but, its also the cheap and easy thing to do.

did the cats lose cuz of the refs? if u think that, you're looking for the answers in all the wrong places.

1 offensive td, 3 missed fg's. yup but the refs lost the game. FOR SURE.

The only thing I can say against the refs is the same complaint I was making last year. The holding that the refs allow has gone beyond ridiculous. Seems like the O-line can do whatever they want to the D-line (tackling them, grabbing the jersey, pushing their backs so once the O-lineman is beaten the pass rusher is forced past the QB). Every O-line in the league is doing it and they will continue to until the refs finally start to crack down and force the O-lines to play fair. I'm normally the type of guy that believes in the mantra: 'let the players play and keep the flags away' but this is one area where I really feel the refs need to throw a little more orange.