Thanks, Re: Pigskin Pete Contest

Hello fellow Ti-cat fans,

I want to extend a very big Thank-You to all of you that viewed and registered a vote for your favorite Pigskin Pete contestant, It was a blast watching the ratings rise and fall as dictated by the viewers. I would also like to wish good luck to the finalists, because there is a whole lot more to being Pigskin Pete than attending home games.

Again Thank-you for voting, and see you all in 2007,
“The year of the Cats”

Russ Jodway

Oskee Wee Wee, Oskee Waa Waa, Holy Mackinaw,

I’m in with you Russ!
My thanks go to eveyone who participated. It was lonely at first but there are some really great candidates out there.
Most fun of all was the 'razzing I got from folks who know me.