Thanks Nick

Thanks to Nick Setta for all his hard work both on & off the field. A great competitor and a real class guy who will be missed both by the Ticat fans & the community.
Best wishes in your future endeavors Nick.

Sucks that you got the short end the stick Nick.You always seemed unreleasable and nobody here ever dreamed of the day you'd leave the Ticats.You truly are and were an icon in Hamilton, there better be a damn good reason for this.Good luck in your future endeavours, we'll miss ya.

Thansk Nick. Best of Luck


I can't believe this....I will truely miss Nick Setta and am very grateful he was on our team and part of our community.
Best of luck to you Nick Setta!!!

Here Nick Best Wishes Bud

I'm shocked but not surprised.Nick had a bad back last year so his performance was un-Nick like.So for Marcel to say he wanted more consistancy at the posistion is just the P.R. way of saying we can get someone else cheaper.If it's not about money than why not let Setta compete for his job at training camp? I wish Nick all the best and thank you for all you have done on and off the field!

I won't voice my displeasure in this thread, I will simply thank NIck for all his hard work and dedication and wish him all the best. He brought so much to this team and this city and we will miss him. Nick is a class act all the way around and I know he will find work elsewhere. This is a big loss. Big big loss. Worse than the Zeke Moreno loss by miles.

Good luck Nick. You were a class act throughout your stay. Pro sports is a tough racket and I hope that you don't let this get you down in you future endevours


A truly decent guy to fans and the community - and they don't make'em like you anymore Nick. I hope a dream job you really want in the NFL is in your future. :thup: :rockin:

I would like to thank Nick Setta for his contributions both on and off the field, and I wish him all the best in the future.

What he had to say about this city, its team, and its fans said much about him, as you can hear on the audio clip here: ... ID=1190505 . And what he had to say at the end of that, his one last thing that he would say to us, was a reminder why we respect him as much as we do.

I will also miss his sense of humour. For some good laughs, click on any of the following links:

And I was looking forward to hearing more from him.

Thanks, Nick.

Nick, you are likely very disappointed right now but you and I know
that you will land on your feet somewhere else in football very soon.

With your work ethic and dedication to your craft, I am sure
you will be right back to the top of your game next season.

Thanks for your contributions to the Tiger Cats on and off the field.

I will miss you. All the best in the future.

Thanks Nick, you will be missed! You're a class guy and I wish you all the best in the future.

I join with everyone who has extended their thanks and admiration to Nick for his great contributions on and off the field. Best of luck to you Nick, in football and in all other ways.

Thanks for your efforts on and off the field, Nick. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

Sorry to hear the bad news, Nick. I thought you were an ace, and will always hold you in my highest esteem, as an athlete, a gentleman, and a Hamilton kind of guy. The kids with cool shoes will never forget you. Prayers and best wishes for the path ahead.

The hammer will be less because your not here Nick. :frowning:

Thanks for a great three years Nick.

Nick, nothing can take away from the fact that you are an upstanding person who is full of compassion and integrity. I am fortunate for having met you. Thank you for the difference you have made in peoples' lives. All the very best to you and yours.

I'm sorry to see him go on a personal level but I'm sure he knows that when one door closes another one opens. Like he said we haven't seen the last of him in football. I'm glad to have met him.

One other thing comes to mind...

I feel he was a shoe-in for the "Charlotte Simmons Humanitarian Award" this year.

His contributions off the field certainly warrant recognition. :thup:

I know he would get my vote! In light of the fact that this award is given for outstanding contributions within the community, why can't he still be recognized? I'm sure there are many who would like to see him at Michelangelo's this spring.

Let's hope that whoever replaces him continues with a "Kicks for kids" type of program. :thup: :thup:

Thanks Nick for all your community involvement and the difference you have made , your a class act :thup: good luck in all your future endeavors.