Thanks Mods

Thanks to the moderators of this site for there quick action in dumping a recent post with derogatory language.

To be brief, I saw a subject line that I found offensive, complained about it's content to the mods and within a few minutes, it was gone.

We are all quick to criticize these folks when they do things we disapprove of. Lets not hesitate to let them know when they've done a good job as well.

With all due respect to the mods and what a wonderful decision they made, ... it was a bit of a no brainer. :slight_smile:

Credit is due...this forum is one that I constantly visit and rarely see objectionable content/bogus posts etc. Thank you admins.


Thanks for this. Being a mod is a pretty thankless job for those on the Ticat staff who "volunteer" for the role, so the occasional compliment is much appreciated.

cheers, Bob.

No offense, Caretaker, but I'm not on the Ticats staff, and I was one of the couple of non-staffers who weeded out that nutcase yesterday, as were a couple other non-staffers.....