Thanks Jamie and best wishes

I would just like to thank Jamie Boreham for all his hard work. I don't care what anyone says, Jamie is a hard worker and I appreciate all the effort on the field and all the kindness off the field.

You'll be missed. You still have a fan here in Hamilton. Best of luck to you.

Good luck to Jamie, show those guys how to kick.

jamie is a football player first then kicker :thup: (not afraid to take one for the team),and his cfl career is just starting.

yeh jamie teach those other kickers how to tackle man!! i remeber when u rocked that 1 dude outta bounds! u set an example of how every player on the feild should play! Even the Kickers!! Go Et'r Done in Sask!

I hope he can professionally grow into a great kicker... except against Hamilton.

Hold your head high. You brought game and that's all anyone can really ask. PS. Take it easy on our boys with the downfield tackles will ya!


Thank you Jamie. Nobody has ever put forth as much effort as you. Although you didn't succeed here, I wish you the best in Saskatchewan. Keep on hammering those players.

Jamie was 2nd Toughest Kicker in CFL..

Who the 1st
Who Cares He's an Argo..
Jamie was a Ticat and I Respect him for that .
GL with the Riders..

As long as Borehamgirl doesn't go with him all will be well in TiCat land.

Thank you for your contributions to the Tiger Cats, Jamie.

Get that punting leg back in form.

Keep working hard at your craft
and you will have a long career.

I will be watching and pulling for you.

I like it when nice guys like you succeed.

Good luck!

A big ditto to this thread, and bump.


Thanks for the game winner against Calgary

Mark Myers

Sorry for losing you Jamie, all the best in the west.

Just want to add my thanks for your hard play. All the best.

Thanks for your efforts in Hamilton, Jamie.

Stay with it. The more you play, the more promising your future.

Good luck in Sask! (But not against us!)

He should have a long career.

Dropkick me Jasus through the goalpost of life. :wink:

You played with the heart of a Tiger , Jamie . Thanks for your efforts . All the best in Saskatchewan .

I can't wait until the new season starts. I heard that season ticket sales were doing well. Mine have been renewed.

I feel this year we will be making a big jump in the standings.

The hottest babes in Hamilton go to Ti-Cat games!