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CFL veteran wide receiver joins Esks

(Edmonton) The Edmonton Eskimos have signed non-import wide receiver Kamau Peterson, the club announced today. Last season, he played 16 games for the Tiger-Cats and hauled in 51 catches for 567 yards and one touchdown. Peterson is entering his seventh year in the CFL. He was drafted by the Calgary Stampeders in the first round (6th overall) of the 2001 CFL Canadian College Draft. During his CFL career he has played in Calgary (2001-2003), Winnipeg (2004-2005) and Hamilton (2005-2006). He won a Grey Cup his rookie season with Calgary in 2001. Peterson attended the Green Bay Packer training camp in 2003 and played for the Arena Football League’s Colorado Crush in the spring of 2004.

Peterson played four years at New Hampshire where he was also on the university’s basketball team for two years and was a member of the track & field team. He holds the America East triple jump record and was a three-time conference champion. Peterson grew up in Ontario and was on both the Canadian Junior Track and Field team and the Ontario Junior Basketball team.




New Hampshire

Born: September 16, 1978 – Los Angeles, CA

Height: 6-1 Weight: 195

Yrs Esks: 1st

Yrs CFL: 7th

Games Played

2006: 16

CFL Career: 96

Playoff: 2

Grey Cup: 1 (with Calgary in 2001)

just thougth y'all might like to know where he ended up...I'm not terribly excited about it, but I guess he deserves a shot

I wish him all the best. The good news is that I can still hope he does well (except against us). I think he can do great things.

I think it points to the Cats drafting a Canadian WR in the early rounds of this year's draft. I found Peterson's play to be too inconsistent to really sweat his departure as an onlooker -- even though he did make some dazzling catches for us. I wish him well in Edmonton.

Makes the Thelwell sweepstakes and draft day even more interesting, no?

Oski Wee Wee,

This guy was invisible for us practically every game he played in black and gold. I never understood how he started for us based on his consistent lack of production.

you guys still have 3or4 canuck WR - Ralph Flemming and Birung. Adding Thellwell to the mix would actually probably make receivers a lower priority in the draft. Unles you want an All-Canadian Receiving corp - that would probably be a first!

Sandman, Kamau could surprise a lot of people. He has tons of ability and also seems to bring a great attitude. FYI he took a moment to post a message on this site thanking all the TICAT fans for their support. A nice touch. I'm not sure any receiver could have gotten it done last year with all of the o-line problems we had and Mass struggling so badly. Anyway, I wish him well.

I'm open to surprises. With KP, we now have 5 NI WR on the Esks roster. I really want to see one of them pick it up and take a big role on our O. Personally I'm more hoping for Woodcock or Leblanc but if it happens to be Kamau, cool, as long as he gets it done

who do u think we could use from the eskimo's, say if we were to make a trade? who is sum1 we could use.

Or what player[s] or draft pick[s] might the Ticats have gotten
if they had traded Kamau to the Esks instead of releasing him?

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(ronfromtigertown) Or what player[s] or draft pick[s] might the Ticats have gotten if they had traded Kamau to the Esks instead of releasing him?
Good point! Peterson still shows a lot of promise and it may have been a mistake to simply cut him loose. I realize that he occasionally suffered from "dropsy", but he also showed some great ability.

He might have been worth something or someone in a trade.

believe he asked for his release actually...

I know that, Espo, but my point is still valid.

and i would tend to agree, i liked how he played for us, hell, the edmonton game he looked like an allstar.

The man is a superb athlete and can pull it all together, he just needs to do it on a consistant basis.

wish he hadn't traded black&gold for green&gold.... its a shame really, he could have been a great ticat for a long time.

If you're an Eskimo fan, the good news is that Peterson will catch an impressive long ball if you throw to him, and then he'll give you a world-class display of camera-mugging, I'm number one, getta loada me swagger to help get the home team fired up. The bad news is that he'll drop the next three. A decent enough athlete, but I wanna see a guy catch MOST of the passes thrown to him if I'm gonna celebrate his after-a-catch theatrics.

Peterson was the Cats best receiver in several games last year but that's not saying much.

I was against the trade that brought him to Hamilton. I thought he was too inconsisent. He seems to lack focus in big moments of the game, however NO ONE will out work him. He'll give you 100% every play and also doesn't mind getting his nose dirty to help teammates break a big play. He could be an all star but has to become more consistent. Good Luck numero Ocho.

Peterson will drive Esks fans crazy as he did in Winnipeg and Hamilton. He can't catch passes when he's wide open but can make catches he has no business catching. Good luck & good riddance.

Looking at all the teams he's been with it's not wonder we didn't keep him longer.

…due to the attrocious play on the field at O-Line and QB potitions in '06 I don’t think we should even make statements about WR, SB, or RB /FB’s.
Once we’ve figured out how to give our QB (who’s figured out how to throw and stay in there)some time and receivers time to get open…then we should review the year. :thup: