Thanks Hank

Thank you Mr. Burris for giving Ti-Cat fans the best offence in Hamilton since Danny Macks Grey Cup days!

Good luck where ever you land, Hopefully back in the Hammer!

Hanks the reason that I’m betting on the Cats getting to the big show again…if Austin doesn’t sign him and we don’t get to the cup then he better look forward to flipping burgers!

Best wishes Henry.

You're (short) career (so far) in Hamilton has been excellent. If the team does not re-sign you I will cheer for your new team (Bummers?) every time they play (other than Hamilton).

Good luck!

A Veteran for a Rookie. A QB that took us to the GREY CUP last year, to a QB that did not even play a full season yet or even played in the Eastern Final! I still say they should have least signed Hank for 2 years. But I'm NOT the coach and I don't sign the checks, so Ill go with what Coach Austin thinks. Don't have to agree with this move but I will still bleed Black and Gold!
As a PLAYER and PERSON ill miss him. Thanks for getting us to the Grey Cup Henry Burris, I just hope we don't have to wait another 14 years to get there again!

A great big, heart felt THANK-YOU to you Henry Burris !! You are a class act all the way, and gave us fans every reason to believe we had a shot at winning. You will be missed !

On a more personal note ... I absolutely hate this move ! To throw away the man who led your team to the Grey Cup for an unproven kid who has a couple of wins under his belt is completely foolish! We had a known quantity in Hank ... a respected leader, a great guy. and a guy who led the league the past 2 seasons in passing yards ! We could have signed him for a couple more seasons and allowed one of the younger arms in the league get seasoned on another team while they learn how to play the game. This is the CFL for crying out loud - QB's rotate quicker than a merry go round !!!

The man led us to the Grey Cup and you let him go like some second rate bum ?! What a farce !!!

This smacks of Austin's HUBRIS ! Thinking he can win with any arm out there. Guess he couldn't handle a veteran QB who knew as much about the game as he does. Guess he couldn't stand not being able to intimidate a man who has thrown for more yards, won more games, and been to more Grey Cups than he did as a quarterback!

This just makes me sick ! In an era where we bemoan athletes for showing little to no loyalty to their fans, and organizations this is how this organization treats the man who led them to a Grey Cup ??!!

Yes, thanks Hank ... you will be missed.

Here is a video I made to honour one of the BEST quarterbacks in the CFL, future HALL OF FAME, and most of all the only QB to take us to the big game in 14 years.
You are going to be truly missed Henry "Hank" Burris!

Thanks for the memories Henry of two years in Hamilton, great watching you perform on the field as a Tiger-Cat and off the field as a community leader for the team.

We wish you all the very best to you and your wife and family in Calgary and in your future in the CFL and hope that you get the deal you deserve and are happy signing with your new team!

Just like alot of people in this league. They have done the league well and will be missed. Having said that it is time to go in a new direction, yes he got us to the GC ,but we lost and he is going to be another step slower this yr. He has had a great career ,but everything comes to the end.

Will go down as one of HAM's great QBs. He wont get his due here because he was here so briefly and unfortuante the way he left but he has nothing to apologize for . Good luck, Hank.

Thanks for the memories Hank and I hope you land in Edmonton not a Bummer. :cowboy:

I am also saddened to see Smilin' Hank go. Always a classy guy! Hope Winnipeg doesn't come and bite us on the ass this season. I do like Collaros and am happy he is a Ticat, but I doubt the offense this year will match Hank's record of the last two. I guess we are in "rebuilding" and "development" mode again.

While many fans are warmly thanking Hank for his days here, the club's announcement is far from warm -- just a traditional footnote to the Tiger-Cats' media release confirming the signing of Collaros: "The Ticats also announced that import quarterback Henry Burris has been released. Burris was slated to become a free agent on February 15."
Thanks Hank. IMHO you deserve better treatment.

I wish Hank all the best as well, seemed like a super person, but realistically he was here just 2 years and I don't think the release deserves any real significant announcement. As well, we don't know the type of communications that went on behind closed doors.

Thank you Henry for allowing us to enjoy a very entertaining offence over the last couple of seasons and a Grey Cup birth.

(Austin is starting to grate on my nerves with this continual purging of quality veteran players who suddenly don't seem to fit into his plans.)

Bruce, if you can let Henry know about this tribute so he will know how many people actually appreciated his presence here in Hamilton and that Austin does not represent how most fans truly feel. :thup:

thanks for the 10,000 yards. Pretty sure you had two more years in you!

Hope it doesn't come back to bite us!

Enjoy Winnepeg and bring em back to respectability like I'm sure you will.
Good news is you're back in the West.

Thanks for leading us back to the Cup!

Keep SMilin. :smiley:

This is becoming more the norm in Ticat land.

Keep it up Cats, you'll end up hard pressed for players wanting to play here.

Still a bit apprehensive about this move, i like it in the long run but i'd like it a lot better in a situation like last year.

that said, the team as a whole went through a lot of growth last year and i think is ready in insulate a young QB rather than need a veteran QB to protect the rest of the lineup.

ballsy move that could blow up or could lead us to do the same thing we did at the end of this year, nodding our head at Austin saying "ahhhh i see what you did there you crafty ol' qb well played"

Personally i think one of the best things about having Austin as our HC is the benefit he'll be to QBs, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and ZC is in the perfect mouldable age, it may be a rocky start (not great in a new stadium...) but he should grow in leaps and bounds after learning under Ray, Milanovich and Austin (think about that teaching trio for QBs)

Also... (since it was really the point of this thread) THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES HANK!!!!

you had your ups and downs, had your terrible games where we all hid our heads in the couch cushions, but man if that game was close late, we knew we had that cannon that could put up 7 from anywhere.

we'll miss you fella

All the best Hank. in my opinion, you were by far the best QB to come through here in a long time. We will come to regret this decision