Thanks, Hamilton!

I went to my third CFL game tonight. My uncle had an extra ticket and invited me. I had a blast. We were in Box B, Row 9. Being that close really made me appreciate just how large our field is. TV doesn't do it justice. :lol:

Hamilton is a nice city, too. It looks a lot older than London (probably is). It's neat to drive through it. I also enjoy driving through old downtown with the old school street lamps and the lights up the trees. We always take that street to get to the highway when we're heading home.

I picked up a new hat during halftime. It's the all yellow one with the Ti-Cat logo. I love the solid colour hats.

Also, I thought I'd mention this: The Tiger-Cats are a perfect 3-0 when I'm at the game, so if anyone really wants Hamilton to win, just take me along with you. I'd be more than happy to provide my services. :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words.. not too often we get them from visitors.. usually they find something that turns their visit sour.. I for one am glad you made the trek from London for a 3rd time and if it will keep our Cats winning.. I will buy you a ticket to EVERY game we have at

Our downtown may not be the best out there... but it is ours and I'm glad you like it enough to comment.. please feel free to visit our great city, even on a non game day just for the sake of visiting!

I am glad you had a good time in our grand lady... make sure to visit her in the 2.0 version.. you will be pleasantly surprised I'm sure

I might just take you up on that in November.