Thanks Hamilton!

Was watching the Ti-Cats for the second straight week here in the States on Comcast West...had some buds over to try to get them into the CFL after telling them the league is as good as the NFL...well the Ti-Cats single-handedly made me a laughing stock! What a horrid team. One pal plays in a semi-pro league here in the States (one of those rag tag leagues were each player has a different colored helmet) and he was convinced his team could hang with Hamilton. Anyway, it will be awhile before my pals watch another CFL game. Thanks Hamilton, and oh, the bush league stadium announcer didn't help my cause.


anybody who actually plays ball at any level, knows not to judge a league by the performance of a single team in a single game. If this game turned away your "pals" then they were never potential real fans in the first place.

Oh quit your friggen whining,

you think its our fault you're a laughing stock? Now that's funny

the only part of your post i'm not sure about is why you are surprised about it!
the CFL is 3rd rate (at best) football. Your buddy's team probably could hang with the Cats.

yeah the cfl has hadn't many exciting games over the last how many years LOL

why the hell are you bothering to post here if you feel that way?? Whats the point??

Well, I have seen some great CFL games, but yeah, when Hamilton's best play of the day is the opponent's punter running out of the endzone for a safety you know it's Sad Sack City!!! :thdn:

i said i wouldnt attend any ticat games until they get rid of boreham...well i held my end of the deal and was there i say: NO MORE hamilton games for me aslong as maas is on the team....F'n terrible!!!....0 TDs 2 games in a row....disgusting.

Not sure what you mean.

If the CFL is third rate at best, what is the second rate?

I hope you aren’t gonna say Arena Football.

CFL has had many exciting games. I can think of a bunch off the top of my head right now. Including last week’s 39-39 tie.

Montreal vs Saskatchewan - last year with OT win.

Calgary vs Saskatchewan - west semi-final.

Look! I named three exciting games and two of them had Saskatchewan playing in them. Use your heads and please don’t tell me that The CFL doesn’t have exciting games. (Or should I say has hadn’t many exciting games?)

One home game last year we all got on our feet and cheered for a 2 point safety. It was a total farce. It's ridiculous for a team to become such a laughing stock.

That is why I didn't buy any tickets this year. I spent $450 on tickets last year for 4 people over 5 games. Me and my group probably spent another $1200 on beer over the season. Not this year, no no no.

Now watch on TV and drink much cheaper beer.

I just can't Boo any more. It's to debilitating.

Sorry you feel this way, bud, but in the end you only come off looking like an ignorant prick talking like this; do you know anything about the team, its history, its championships? The Ti-Cats have had some great teams, legendary players; but it's also had its share of bad teams and seasons, as well. That goes for just about every team, in every league of every team sport there is. That's just the way it is with the Ti-Cats and it will eventually change.

Personally, aside from the QBing issue, I think one of the major problems we have is too many rookie American players; they're not used to the Canadian game, they take too many stupid penalties, make needless silly mistakes.

Whoop there it is!!

ever heard of sarcasm?
lol= laughing out loud

Yes, I have heard of sarcasm.

Although, I didnt HEAR you when you TYPED it. Call me deaf but I just couldn't HEAR the sarcasm.

Wait, I'm ignorant because I said Hamilton has a bad team? And now it's the American players fault? :roll: I love Hamilton, it's a cool town with great fans (great turnout today,) but this team is just out and out bad. I mean, they got ONE first down in the whole first half. I was rooting for them, but there was nothing to root for. What do you want me to say? Hamilton played a great game? Then I'd REALLY look like a prick.

It was actually FOUR 1st downs.. but who's arguing.

I'm just surprised that you would pick the Hamilton game to showcase the CFL to your American buddies, Hamilton.. the team with... ohh 95% of the team being ROOKIES. A team that has a QB controversy, a team that got SMOKED in their LAST game.

Nice choice buddy... I guess when you try to sell hockey to them you pick a Minnesota/Phoenix game huh?

a) 2nd rate depends on if you're the type who prefers NCAA over NFL or vice versa.
Arena football gives CFL a run for their money though.

b) dont blame american players for not knowing the ridiculous rules in this league. sorry but it gets a little boring when every 3rd play is a punt. But i guess that can be largely attributed to the fact that it was the jobber-cats.

Ah, 4, OK. Well, CFL games are rare to see here, and Hamilton looked OK last week, and with Chang maybe getting in there and with Toronto's own QB issues and it being the home opener, I thought the Ti-Cats could hold their own...I guess I have more faith in the team than people in Hamilton!!