Thanks Grey Cup Visitors

A big thank you to all the fans who came from all over to the Grey Cup. It was awesome and inspiring to party at Riderville and the Down East Kitchen Party (great pancakes, Calgary). Everybody partying and having a good time. The CFL is not for everyone and every region. Even here in Winnipeg many shun the CFL. But many appreciate the Grey Cup for what it is ... a unique piece of Canadiana. Way to go, Canada. Hope to see everyone again at future Grey Cups.

I'll be there ... if all goes according to plan, I won't ever again watch a Grey Cup game on TV :slight_smile:

rassclat wrote:

The CFL is not for everyone and every region

Just like the "almighty" NHL isn't for everyone, I only watch the odd game and couldn't care less if Hamilton got a team or not. Maybe not a Canadian thing to say but the fact is not all Canadians like hockey or the NHL.

You're right Earl (and so are you rassclat) ... but you will never hear such a negative statement about the NHL!

I only really care about the NHL for the Canadian teams, and for hoping that all those Southern markets with their "legions of fans" (if 26 people count as a legion, anyway) kick the bucket.

I think I'm the opposite of the generic Canadian sports fan. I follow all of the CFL, but really only the Flames in the NHL - whereas I think the generic fan follows all of the NHL, but only their local CFL team (which is fine, it's better than not paying attention to the CFL at all ... )

I was there in Winnipeg and had such a wicked time.
They threw a fantastic party. Especially in Riderville.
Only had one incident while wearing my Cahoon jersey. Some idiot in a bombers jacket starting throwing insults about Quebec, the french etc.
I'm not even from there but we almost went at it in the late night hours.
Pretty strange, it was the first incident Ive seen in 5 or 6 grey cups.
The only other thing I was disappointed in was that the Alouette fans continue to show disappointing numbers at the Grey Cups.
Maybe we've been too spoiled with good teams in the last 10 years.