thanks from the Wyoming Crew

We would like to say thank you to Rider Nation for a great day this past Saturday. Great pregame and Great game. The long trip was well worth it, next time hopefully time will allow us to stay longer. We loved pregame at the practice field, Pilsner Beer was awesome. We don't get it here in Wyoming. Loved the token idea, makes getting beer quick. We are already looking forward to a trip next year with more folks coming along to experience Rider Nation. Great to hear the building of a new stadium even though Mosaic is a great place to see a game. The folks around the stadium from Parking to the Store was awesome and welcomed us in. We bought our green for the game and to bring home. Thanks again and Go RIders!!!!

Happy you had a good time. I was outside a place called Dollarama on Friday and I saw a car with plates from Wyoming. Maybe it was you!

Glad you folks had a good time. :smiley: Just out of curiousity - what brought you up here to see the Riders?

See viewtopic.php?f=7&t=75549, about half way down first page.

Thanks Legal - I should read a little more carefully. That is really cool - glad to see Rider Pride is alive and well in Wyoming.

Awesome to hear u had a good time and the game was a decent one as well to attend. Cheers,