Thanks, from the Argos Band!

Hey Ticat Fans. just a quick note to say "thanks" from the Argos Band for the hospitality on Monday.

No, seriously. Forget the score, Ivor Wynne is a fantastic place to watch a football game, from the tailgate party to the pregame presentation right through the whole game day experience itself and believe me, we all wish the outcome hadn't been quite so lop-sided.

Our band really enjoys making the trip to Ivor Wynne every year and finding out just how much everyone else loves Toronto. I'm also pleased to see that there are still Ticat fans who remember the old Ticat Marching Song ("We love those Cats, those Tiger-Cats...") that we played a few times. I detected some singing-along.

Thanks again for all the good-natured ribbing, and I hope we'll see some of you Saturday up here,

the Toronto Argonauts Band

Glad to hear you had a good time at the stadium Shayman.
I love when the Arogs come to town (well, maybe not so much this past weekeknd after with the score) but the rivalry is great. The chatter back and forth is enjoyable if people can keep it under control. There are the select few (from both sides) who go in looking to start a fight, but on the most part it makes for a great atmosphere.
It was gerat to see everyone give Allan the staning O (regardless of the team he was from) when he surpassed Moon. That shows a lot of class (without trying to sound to biast).
Wish I was able to make the treck down the QEW for the game, but unfortunatly work is getting in the way.

I was 1 section over and we really enjoyed the playing of the band. Even though you guys are Argo fans it was good.

Keep up the great work.

Great job as always Shayman. It was neat to hear the Ticats theme song from the 60's as performed by the band.

Here is a brief clip of the Argonotes at the tailgate party with some hilarious "dancing fools" performing in front of them. Sorry for the low quality of the video, it's from a digital camera better designed for still shots. Judging from the camera guy in the shot though, there's a good quality recording of this out there somewhere!

Click on the image to play the video with sound.

Great vid Tuck.


An Argo fan

Gotta love the kid with the Ti-Cat flag that runs through at the end of the video.

Yeah, he was great. Note that he was running around circling the band the whole time, you see him at the beginning and the end as well.

Also, did you catch the briefest of glimpses of the person walking in front of the camera at the very beginning with the forbidden chant on his shirt. If I could have editted it out I would have, it seems almost like subliminal advertising! :o :lol:

I think the Argo band is excellent. Too bad we don't have our band anymore...:frowning:


I only found out about this later but that camera guy is part of a group filming a documentary called "Let's All Hate Toronto" along with the guy in the video in the suit who is carrying a banner that says "Toronto Appreciation Day." Apparently they staged a Toronto Appreciation Rally in downtown Montreal just to see what the reaction would be.

No doubt that will be a popular documentary.

Ti-Cat -Argo games are such great fun it's too bad though that some (on both sides) have to take it too far. I look so forward to the time when the two team are good at the same time. There always seem to be one team or the other on the skids mainly Hamilton the past 5 or 6 years.

I really hope that the Cats can get it together soon so that they and the Argos can be the dominent teams in the east, then the games will be really fun.

The Three Shminky's Accordian Band is available for TiCat games.

Do you mean yosh and stan schmenge The Happy Wanderers?

I just wish they would bring back The Tiger Cat Band like the Argo Notes, Mr. Young and company you don't know what your missing when you don't have your own house band, and I don't consider the BTTB a house band. But I won't open that can of worms again.
Thanks ArgoNotes, and you always put a smile on. Do you still have that crazy French Horn player. ( hehehehe) and you know who you are. I would love to come and play, but, just something about putting on blue, that I just can't get over.

Cheers guys !!!! ( And John, email mail me, you crazy horn player you, I lost your email)


Totally agree with Cheergirl. We are missing something with no band.

I don't know why we've gone out of our way to break with marching band, no traditional cheerleaders, no connexion with the legends of yesteryear.

This is pretty sad if you ask me. And, no I'm not some old geezer here...I'm 28 and I love the traditional aspects of the game...that are just as "cool" as all the other stuff...

Follow Shayman's lead, guys. Don't wait for Bob to do everything. I'm sure Bob will give you the same perks as the Argonotes get from the Argos, which is only free admission, if I'm not mistaken.

It's a volunteer band driven by one passionate fan/musician, Shayman! (AKA Dictator)

Glad to hear it.
It's demoralizing to be crushed like that, but I have to agree.. there's much to be said for the skydome, (oh, wait "Rogers Centre") I'm sure, but there's nothing like the atmosphere of the close knit outdoor stadium.

They may be decent musicians but they are not very hospitable people.

My friend and I tried to get on their bus at the end of the game because we needed a ride to Burlington and they kicked us off like we had leprosy.

Trust me, if their team was 2-10 there would not have been the number of Argo supporters at the game last week - they love to rub it in our face.

We’ll get our revenge at some point in time :twisted:

huh? No idea what you're talking about. The band didn't come on a bus, we carpooled down. Must be somebody else who thinks you have leprosy. We are musicians, not medical professionals. (Oh wait, one or two of us actually are both.)