Thanks from one fan to another

I just wanted to thank the gentleman who was so kind as to give us his extra set of tickets to yesterday's game. The seats he gave us were Box H, row 16. This man can never know what his kindness meant as by the time we arrived at the ticket office, they were sold out and it was so very important to me to be at this game. I don't live in the city anymore, so I don't get to as many games as I'd like to, but this one was a "MUST". In 1996 while living in Northern Ontario, I returned to Hamilton for the Labour Day weekend to visit my mom from whom I learned my love of the Tiger-Cats. My father had passed away the year before and she was alone. Before I arrived, I had mentioned to her that perhaps we could take in a game while I was down. To make a long story short, she had driven my father's scooter from East Hamilton all the way to Ivor Wynne Stadium to get tickets to the Labour Day Classic, center field. We enjoyed the game as everyone did, but this game in particular I will remember for the rest of my life. It would be the last time I would see mom. She passed away about 5 weeks later. So you see, it was so very important for me to be able to be at the last regular season game of a team we shared a love for, and at a very special place. This gentleman yesterday had no idea what he giving to a stranger, but I'd like to thank him from the bottom of my heart. I hope that someone else does for him, what he has given me; I hope I can pay it forward as well. Thanks again for what you have done.

Now that is one fantastic football story thanks for sharing.