Thanks from an Argo fan / guest

Thanks to Ab(Yossarian) for setting up the amazing experience of sitting in a box for the game last night.

Ticat fans outnumbered us by a margin of 2 - 1, but we all got along quite well considering. The Ticat fans were obviously frustrated by the nights end, but did not take it out us, even though there was one loud, delightfully obnoxious Argo fan among us.
Surprisingly, it was not me. :o
(However, I would have stepped up to the plate in that regard if needed) :lol:

First off, congrats on the attendance. Other than Edmonton there would be no other team that could be last in the league and draw these kind of numbers.
So my first pic is an homage to you, and the scoreboard verifies that the Argos had to "come back" to win this one.

We were really fortunate to have the box next to the Caretaker. But for the glass in between, we'd have sat with him all game!

During the halftime I was accosted by two rather intoxicated Ticat fans. (note shirt) It looked like it could get ugly until Woody stepped in to help! Seriously though, I always enjoy the banter back in forth between the two groups of fans at these rivalry games.

Thanks to Bob for coming next door and saying hi, and for signing my 2005 Ticat media book.

I've left out some other pics, (One of them due to threats from borehamgirl) :lol:
But for you Argo fans, you can see a video of Pref get the game winning fieldgoal (early in the 2nd) by clicking below.

(You'll be able to hear the aforementioned partisan Argo fan in the box yelling "YEAH, BABY")

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so thats where woody scittered off to