Thanks for the Season!

Hey guys hold your heads up high. What a wonderful season of football - giving the Rider Nation something to cheer about right down to the last minute of the Grey Cup. GO RIDERS GO!!!

I agree with Dusty, you guys rock! You have nothing to be ashamed of, you gave us fans a fantastic year of football. No team is more exciting to watch. A little hard on the blood pressure now and again but exciting as heck. We'll be there again next year, stay proud men! Great season. Thanks.

Thanks for fabulous exciting season. The green and white we are so proud of you. We knew the Grey Cup would be a slug fest and that was what it was. To lay blame on any individual or person is totaly wrong! We must remember this is a team sport not an individual sport. My hopes and dreams are that Darian Darrant and Ken Miller stay on next year and i am sure we will win next years, Grey Cup. Go Riders!! We still love you!!

Great Season guys! We lost on Sunday but we're still proud of our Riders!!!

Thanks for a Great Season, cant wait to see how things work out next season. we have a young team and if we keep our core with a couple additions we should keep getting stronger. Win or lose were with the Riders.

I went to curling Monday night in hostile territory (i.e. my club in eastern Qu├ębec) with my Riders jersey on. I'm very proud of my team, win or lose, and I am not shy to show it!!!

Thanks to all the Riders on another great season. One thing about Rider football, its never boring! Making it the GC two years in a row, awesome. Wiping the smile off Burriss face, priceless.

Congrats to the fans as well. So glad I support a team that has so many people passionate about the team. We might not agree but we all support the team. Looking forward to next year! Go Riders, Go Green!!! :rockin: