Thanks for the Reality Check, Ticats

We had the delusion that we were a solid organization and a solid team.
That all got washed away in one half of football.
Our QB sucks.
Our head coach is worse.
Lyle Bauer and the front office needs an enema.


Your D is good, but your O needs a complete overhaul.

You have no one at QB, no one at receiver, and maybe two decent O-Linemen. Plus, Reid's mouth is bigger than his game.

I"ll agree with pretty much everything there. . . except the O line. It's pretty good actually, they gave up the fewest sacks in the league this season, and they gave up precisely NONE today.

They gave up the fewest sacks because we kept 2 backs behind the O-line most of the year--circa 1970.
Our offensive schemes were almost as retro as our uniforms.

Don't hold your breathe. :oops: :oops: :oops:

This was not a good Bomber team, so to get 7 wins in the first year of a rebuild isn't too bad.

However, the entire staff was out coached today, which is unforgivable in a game of this magnitude.

Unfortunately, we are probably stuck with these assclowns for at least the first half of next season.

Brock Ralph is absolutely the worst receiver I have ever seen. Ever. Hand picked by Kelly too.

That about sums it up.

Yah but we just got an overhaul. Don't these things come with a warrantee? Obviously our mechanic is not worth much but he did promise us better than 8-10 this year. It sure is disappointing again

Yes our “D” is very good! Holy crap!! Do we need an offense!! “IF” we’d of had a capable Qb right from the start then we’re not having this conversation and it’s not all Bishop’s fault!!!

No receivers? Adarius Bowman and Titus Ryan are fantastic. I'd like to have either one of them on our team. The only thing Winnipeg needs is a consistent quarterback. Bishop did light it up a few times this year. The Bombers are not lost. It's still a very good team. I don't think there will be any established QB's available next year though. So, I think they will be searching for a couple seasons for a quarterback.