Thanks for The Loss.

I am glad we loss this game
It made no Since to win it.
If we would have won Toronto would be last in the East( Do to our 2 wins Vs Toronto)
They have Clear Shot at 1st pick overall
Now with 1 more loss we'll have 1st and 3rd Pick overall
Then maybe obie can move a Pick for a Starting OT or DE.
a 2 and 3 is fine but 1 and 3 is better .

This win would have been Meaning less for us.

Sad, just sad

This is not the NFL Onknight.

Pick 1 or pick 2 is no big difference.
Give me a couple friggin wins anyday!

I wonder how the "experts" feel ? They all picked this team to finish ahead of Montreal.

A long October and their's reason to believe... maybe next year.. will be better then the last....

Still This Team is Rebuilding and has been for years .
this could be 3rd year in row we draft 1st
Our 2nd year with Multiple picks in the 1st Round.
If Someone goes over the Cap we could have 3 Picks in the 1st round.
This could really Changed the face of the team.

If we keep our already great Canadian Depth could be even better .
Or if Trade one we maybe be able to pick up a very good player to start.
We did pick up a very good Player in Markeith Knowlton via Trade
This was just before this years Draft. so it can happen.