Thanks for the last win and the good times Joe

A classy guy and his staff moves on. 4 years of good times but also frustrating. He's leaving but it's not all his fault...

And now a new era begins....

Sad to see this happen. Just maybe had the Gades got some free agents in before the preseason this would not have happened. Joe and staff were set up to fail by the Glboobs!

So true now that it happened.

If they had done something in late July. This probably was a setup.


really no one knew who was playing for the Gades in the presesaon because the Globs allowed their roster to be picked clean. So then they blame the coach. I though Feterik was bad for meddling. If they are going to be successful in Ottawa the Globs need to hire a very good football man ad their president and then work with good football people down. The Globs pay the bills that its!

Give me an effin break. You can't blame the Gliebermans for not signing free agents, when they took over, all the good free agents were already picked up.

I'm sorry to say, but Paopao failed this one on his own. He was the GM, he's the one who traded away a high draft pick for Kellett, he's the one who basically got Eric Tillman fired after Tillman was the one who hired him. I say good riddance to Paopao, he may be a classy guy, but classy guys don't win you football games.

Good points by both sides...

In my mind...
Joe had his chance but time to move on...
Lonie took this as an opportunity to get his own people in place.

Fans paid the price to watch it all unfold.

What I would like to see...
Lonie... open the wallet and buy some smart football people and retain the talent we have today and build around them.

Once this is done... you are free to do what you want in the upper south side stands.

Hey Lonie......bring back Smeltzer but not until you pay him what you owe him, you classless clown.
Seen it all before.....dejas vu!