Thanks for the good time

Hey guys

I just thought I'd post thanking the Ottawa fans for a great time I had this weekend at the game. The atmosphere was far better then anything I've ever had in the Rogers Centre for an away game ( last year's playoff game when we took over the Rogers Centre, but I digress). The sight lines of the stadium were great, the security was exemplary, the fans were interested in the game and knew that chirping and ribbing was fine, but didn't cross any lines, the beer lines were short and it was awesome to get to go onto the field after the game.

Pre and post game we were at the Georgetown pub and had a great time there, which reminds me I gotta send them a Hamilton flag to replace that Lions flag outside. Ontario needs to stick together! I sincerely hope you guys keep supporting that team and wish you all the success in the world next week vs the Argos, and that we'll be meeting in the playoffs sometime in the next few years.

Oskee Wee Wee RedBlack fans! Hope to see you next season!

Awesome to hear (read). :thup:

Did you ever drop by when the Renegades were around?

I did not, never got the chance

Glad you enjoyed it as well 8)
Ottawa fans are usually pretty accepting of our opponents’ fans, as long as they share :lol:

We saw the Ticat fans in the south side stands behind their bench and they looked like they were having a good time for sure :slight_smile:

Who was the guy in the sombrero ?? :wink:

I know that guy, he's a die hard (well duh), usually wears a Whittaker jersey. He goes to every game, even Toronto ones.