Thanks for the Blackout!

I would like to thank Scott Mitchell and co. for the Blackout. My wife and I spent a nice evening together. I didn't scream or swear at the TV. I didn't have to hear "why are you watching that pathetic team again?"

Although I felt an emptiness inside without the Cats on TV my blood pressure didn't go up and I didn't utter one four letter word at the inept CFL officiating. Although I feel totally incomplete without seeing the Cats, thank you Scott Mitchell for taking the decision away from me. Much like having keys taking away when you are way too drunk too drive. I am unable to quit the Cats. Thank you for taking them away from me before someone got hurt. Please feel free to blackout the rest of the games until they know what they are doing out there. You will save me from myself.

You lucky guy. I had to sit through another inept performance by the bungling buttheads on Balsam. I must one very sadistic person.

I would have love to have gone, but my wife is do any day now. What was the attendance tonight? Did Mitchell's plan work?

Don't know what the attendance was. Whether Mitchell's plan worked, I do not know.

Attendance was officially just over 21 thousand, That was the PAID attendance but it looked to me like the ACTUAL attendance was a lot less. that is. I'm never ashamed to be a ti-cat fan, but i am ashamed of ti-cat fans.

lol stfu u have no idea wut ur talking about, this team has bin losing for years! what do u want from us! ever year its the same thing, ASHAMED OF THE FANS? were gunna bend yes but sooner or later were gunna break.. its gettinh close to crunch time in the hammer bud.

Perhaps it's the team you should be ashamed of.

An Argo-Cat fan

Do you enjoy watching this bunch of bungling buttheads?! I for one am sick and tired of watching the same pathetic crap that I have had to endure for the last four years.

They (team)haven't given up, just the fans. Pretty easy to preach when your a "Argo--Cat"

Never be ashamed of your brethren, that aren't ashamed of you. You think those stone cutters have strong ties? I was stuck up in the Yukon once with a flat. An older gentlemen pulled over to help me. We go to talking we found out we were both Cats fans. He gave me his spare tire and half of the moose he had just killed. Never be ashamed of your may just save your life boy when your trapped in the Yukon with no food and no transportation!

not ashamed of my roots. hammer born and raised. just can't stand the all the arm chair GM's that would fire everyone and not have a contingency plan..Easy to *itch, not so easy to offer suggestions.

I can feel your pain. I was once told that you have to go through darkness to see the light.

This is what I want you to do Xenu: Hike out to Rattlesnake point in the dead of night. On the South West edge is 300 year old oak tree. Sleep under it. You will be woken by a great squirrel. He will have a nut…eat the nut…unless you are allergic if you are then ask for the soynut version (bring your epipen just in case). Twenty minutes later a vision will come to you…a man that calls himself Pigskin Pete (not Paul the older version) he will awaken your soul he, will bring you a peace that 5 Grey Cups in a row could not bring.

If you wake up naked in your own piss and vomit forget we ever talked okay. Go tonight. Don’t waste time!

Well if you went to the game or were able to watch it you would have seen a much pretty team from last year. That's back to back games that we were in it right until the end. It won't be long until there turning those into wins. See you at Ivor Wynne then

Not logical ones at least... the same group that ran Danny Mac out of town are calling for him to the the head coach now.

Did we marry the same woman?